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Baby 2 Bump Progress – 19 Weeks

I don’t have a 19 week bump progress photo, so instead let’s compare my 18 week bump with this little one (top) to my 19 week bump with Ezra (bottom) –

18 week baby bump

19 week baby bump

December 19th – December 25th
19 Weeks

Wow… definitely showing a lot more with baby 2!

How big is baby? Baby is the size of a mango! Baby is about 6″ long and 8.5 ounces – steadily growing!

How I’m feeling? I’m feeling pretty good. It’s Christmas! I can’t believe how quickly Christmas came. It seemed like I had plenty of time before the big day, and then all of the sudden it was here. I went shopping with my sister this week and got some last minute gifts. I’m writing this the day after Christmas, so I can say that things went well despite the day sneaking up on me. We hosted Christmas morning brunch and that was so fun (and so delicious). Christmas Eve was spent with in-laws, eating more delicious food. And today, the 26th, we hosted more family and ate more delicious food. I’m wiped out!

Any cravings or weird dreams? If I was having any cravings, they would be totally satisfied by the sheer amount of food we encountered the last few days. So, I don’t have anything specific I want (though salads are still up there). I finally had a weird dream about the end of the world, with the laziest, most stupid zombies on the planet – they didn’t attack anyone. Instead, they just made biting sounds at the air and passively walked around. Easiest survival ever.

Any other details? My December appointment went well. The baby’s heartbeat is pretty consistent at every appointment – in the 140-150 range. Same as Ezra.

I want to write a separate post about Christmas, but before I get to that I did at least want to share this picture of Ezra. We tried out a real tree this year. We picked it up the weekend of Thanksgiving and decorated it then, too, so this picture is a few weeks old. We have absolutely loved having a real tree. I still put up the white one (and decorated it with all fox ornaments), because I will always love the cheese factor of white trees, but I think this real tree thing could be a new tradition for us.

Merry Christmas!



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Baby 2 Bump Progress – 18 Weeks

18 weeks baby bump

December 12th – December 18th
18 Weeks

How big is baby? Baby is the size of a sweet potato…which really varies in size, but according  to The Bump, the baby is 5.6″ long and about 6.7 ounces. So not much change in length, but the weight’s gone up. Side note, but I hope you enjoy Aslan running by behind me, my house slippers, and Caspian crouched on the dresser behind me.

How I’m feeling? Honestly, I’m physically feeling great but psychologically I am feeling like a whale! I don’t know why I feel so huge because when I look at this picture, I look fine. It’s a trip watching your belly change so much. Apart from that, though, I’m still thanking my lucky stars that morning sickness has moved on and I’m enjoying not being sick 24/7.

Oh, I have noticed that my skin is drying out like crazy. I distinctly remember this same issue the last time I was pregnant. I’m not making the same mistake I made last time, which is trying a bunch of different lotions and giving myself a crazy rash. This time, I’m sticking with cocoa butter because it’s what ultimately worked best last time.

Any cravings or weird dreams? I’m starting to crave fruit and salads. Huge salads. Like, bowls the size of … huge bowls. Filled with piles of lettuce and all sorts of toppings, covered in honey mustard or some other delicious dressing. Salad.All.Day.Long.

No weird dreams – yet. I know they’re coming though.

Any other details? We found out on the 13th what the sex of this baby is! But I’m not sharing just yet because I want to come up with a cute photo to do so. I have my December appointment on the 22nd so they’ll have me schedule my anatomy scan at that time. I’m just going once a month for now. I can’t remember when it switches to every two weeks, but I think that’s late in the second trimester, or maybe the first part of the third trimester. According to that elective ultrasound, though, the baby is growing at a good rate and measures spot on for the weeks that I’m pregnant – yay!

The other big news is that Ezra can now climd out of his crib. Yikes! He has never really attempted this before, but had done it two times in the past (there were incidents that were far apart). One afternoon, I heard a thump from upstairs, some footsteps running and a doorknob jangling. Then I heard, “I escaped from my nap, mimi!” (my child calls me mimi, because I always called myself mommy…so he just started repeating the last syllable of that word). Then the next morning, he got himself out of bed when he was up for the day. We’ll see where this goes, but I have a feeling we’ll be moving him to a big boy bed a lot sooner than we anticipated. But, the positive is we won’t have to buy two cribs.

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Baby 2 Bump Progress – 17 weeks

17 week baby bump

December 5th – December 11th

So, “they” say that with baby 2, you do things less. Less documentation because you don’t have time, less new stuff because you’ve already got the basics, less reading up on pregnancy because you already know, less less less. The only thing that less so far is bump pics that aren’t that great. Like the one above, taken with my iPhone. I had Alex take my bump pics with Ezra, and I need to do that again because I don’t want the next 23 weeks to be all selfie bump pics in my bedroom mirror!

I had mentioned in my last update that I would start bump updates at 14 weeks but when I looked back at that picture…. I did not have a bump. At all. So I’m starting the same time I did with Ezra – 17 weeks.

On to the update!

How big is baby? Still going by the bump, and they haven’t changed their fruit and veggie comparisons since I was last pregnant so, baby is the size of an onion – about 5.1 inches long and weighs about 5.9 ounces. This baby could fit in the palm of my hand. The coolest thing happening this week with baby is the cartilage is turning to bone.

How I’m feeling? Finally human again. I had morning sickness this from 5 weeks until about 15 weeks. With Ezra, it lasted until 13 weeks. Morning sickness this time was WAY worse than last time, too. Like, there were days I was barely functioning and I had to – no joke – crawl up and down the stairs because standing up would make me vomit. Fun times. Anyway, I’m feeling a lot better now and I’m so happy that I can eat tomato-based foods again without wanting to explode.

Any cravings or weird dreams? Chili. All the tomatoey soups. Pizza. Stuff I hadn’t been able to eat for months. No weird dreams, yet.

Any other details? We just celebrated our seven year anniversary – aw! – so I’m feeling happy about that and I can’t believe here we are, parents to a two year old, in our second house, with another baby on the way. Wow. A lot has happened in these last seven years. I’m also feeling excited because we’re having an elective gender reveal ultrasound next week. I thought for sure that my OB would order my anatomy scan at 18 weeks, but the practice now waits until 20 weeks before doing that so that would mean we wouldn’t find out the gender until after Christmas or even the new year. I am way too impatient for that, so I called this place called Stork Vision and scheduled a 2D gender reveal. I’m secretly thinking girl, just because I have been so sick, but in all likelihood, it’s a boy. We’ll know soon enough!

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Another baby on the way

second pregnant announcement

I can finally announce it – it’s a second pregnancy for the Rosens!

I know I go through periods where this blog is kind of quiet, and the most recent period of quiet was due to me being in the middle of my first trimester and trying to stay healthy while caring for a toddler. Harder than I thought it would be, that’s for sure.

But now I’m 13 weeks (well, I will be on Friday actually) and am feeling better overall, though still sick at night. Around 14 weeks was when things let up with Ezra so I’m looking forward to getting to that point, and just to the second trimester in general.

We had the lovely Anna Kennedy take some family/announcement photos and she did a great job, as usual. Those were some of my favorites, but this one is my absolute favorite –

Such a sweet little moment she captured!

We found out we were pregnant back at the end of August. This wasn’t an unplanned pregnancy, but I still had this feeling that I couldn’t push down – kind of like a sadness. Weird, I know. I wasn’t sad about having a second baby; I was sad to close this chapter of our lives where we are a family of three. Mostly I was sad to lose this one-on-one time with my little buddy, which is unbelievably special.

But as time has gone on, and as I’ve talked Alex’s (and friends and family) ear off about all of this, I realized it isn’t really an end. It’s more like a next step. This new baby is going to grow our family in ways we couldn’t have imagined and my feeling of sadness is now being tempered with anticipation and excitement. And that picture will always be so special to me, as a permanent reminder of this time in our lives, as a family of three.

bump pic with pumpkin

Baby number two is due around May 15th, which is one month after Ezra’s original due date. If this baby is anything like Ezra, he/she will come early. There are a lot of birthdays and anniversaries and special days in May for both sides of our family, so it’s possible this baby will end up sharing a birthday with someone else in the family!

This second pregnancy is happening at roughly the same time as the first one. I’m really lucky to be able to reuse my maternity clothes. And, if this baby is a boy, I’ll be able to reuse Ezra’s clothes. We won’t find out the sex until December, though, so we still have some time on that.

I plan on doing like I did with Ezra and posting weekly updates with a bump photo. I started that around 16 or 17 weeks with him, but this time around I will start next week at 14 weeks. “They” say you show sooner with a second pregnancy and I feel like that’s true with me – not that I necessarily look pregnant, but I do think it’s obvious something is going on in the belly region! The photos from this session were taken at 10 weeks, by the way, so I really didn’t look very much like anything at all. Now, 3 weeks later, there is a noticeable difference –

12 weeks with baby 2

From now until May, I have a few projects I want to work on –

  • Hopefully getting Ezra potty trained and transitioned from his crib to a bed
  • Moving him to the empty bedroom so his room can stay the nursery
  • Putting together a fun “big boy” room for Ezra, and tweaking the nursery a bit to personalize it more for this new little one
  • Some house projects that I’ll talk about in a separate post, but they mostly involve painting, hanging ceiling fans and getting window treatments
  • Get some newborn clothes since I gave all of Ezra’s away
  • Get a new swing since I sold our old one
  • Get a new video monitor since ours is on its last leg and we need two cameras now anyway

I think that mostly covers it! We will cloth diaper this one like we have with Ezra, but probably not until he/she is 3-4 months so I’ll need to stockpile newborn and size 1 diapers (maybe size 2? I can’t remember what the different sizes mean anymore…). I plan to breastfeed again and hopefully that will go well the second time around.

I also hope to be able to have a water birth. I keep thinking about how I stood in the shower when I was still in early labor with Ezra and how the water made the contractions bearable. The hospital I will deliver at does have birthing tubs so when things get a little closer I’ll start looking into that more. I also plan on hiring a doula again; probably the backup doula who attended Ezra’s birth since the main one we had hired was out of town…but that’s assuming she is still a doula!

It’s strange being pregnant again. On the one hand, it’s all old hat. Morning sickness? Yeah it’s terrible, but I knew it was coming at 5 weeks so I majorly cleaned the house in preparation for when it hit (and boy did it hit). Maternity clothes? Got it covered. Baby essentials? I already know what I want. In some ways I do miss the excitement of research and figuring it all out – which, I guess I could do again since it has been three years since I was pregnant last and I’m sure a lot has changed.

On the other hand, being pregnant again is nerve wracking – but for different reasons than last time. Physically, emotionally and mentally I know what to expect. I know it’s hard physically as the weeks go on. I know I will have crazy hormones and emotions and will feel like I’m going insane. I know there is the mental game of mommy guilt that starts the minute you get a positive pregnancy test. But this time I can’t prepare for juggling a toddler with a newborn. I can’t prepare for how adding a second kid into the mix will effect my work that I’ve seen grow so exponentially in the last few months. I can’t plan for so many things like that and I just have to let it go and be okay with the fact that, just like with Ezra, things will settle into a new normal that will work for our family.

But, if you’re reading this and are the mama (or dad!) of 2+ kids, I appreciate any and all tips you may have!

And, until May, whenever this new baby decides to make his or her appearance, I’ll be wondering and waiting, planning and laughing at myself for planning. Only 27 weeks to go :)

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The beauty of a friend

Your best friend. Your closest friend. Whatever you call her, and perhaps there are more than one of “her”, she is as dear to you as someone can be.

You could pick her out of a crowd of ten million. To you, she is the most beautiful woman not only because it’s a fact, but because she knows you and still loves you.

You can call her at any time of day or night, and with just that connection of the line your worries seem a little less worrisome and a little more conquerable. She is your reserve of strength when you’re plumb out. Somehow, she helps you go on.

She has the words. All the words you can’t quite figure out, or don’t quite know how to say. She has them, and she puts them together in ways that help you better understand, help you see more clearly, help you laugh when you need to (or cry). But she only uses them when you absolutely need it, because she knows that you have them too and all you really needed was a little push.

She laughs with you (and sometimes at you, but you know you’re hilarious so it’s okay), and her smile is amazing. Best of all, she laughs at all the same things you find funny – even the really inappropriate ones. And her favorites match up just right, and when they don’t that’s also okay because it just means more for you (always a plus in the event of different chocolate tastes).

hydrangea bouquet

The memories you share. All the things you’ve done together – some stupid, some mundane, some thrilling – they make up your story together. And you draw on those memories, to add to them or to work through them. Some of them become jokes over time, some of them stick with you and you learn from them.

This woman – your best friend – is a vision. More than conventionally speaking, she’s a vision because just when you felt like no one would ever see you, there she was. You struck up a casual conversation and from there, days turned to weeks, turned to months, turned to years. Piece by piece, you shared your life with her, and she with you, and it was in those moments that something amazing happened.

You realized how integral she became to your day-to-day and so you said it out loud – you are my best friend. And she agreed that you are hers. Maybe you didn’t say it to one another; that doesn’t really matter. All that matters is you both know it.

How lucky you are to have one another. The familiarity and the comfort, the give and the take. How do you ever convey to her the impact and the meaning she has to you? How do you make sure she knows, without a doubt, that her not being a part of your life is something you can’t even fathom?

You do it like this –

You call her and invite her out to coffee. And when you see her, you look her in the eyes and you say, “Tell me everything. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to.”

And she’ll know, because through everything she has done for you over these years, you’ve done the same for her. It’s your being there that tells her you can’t make it alone. It’s how she knows.

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