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50 moments from 2012

I recently signed up to receive Success for Solopreneur’s Looking Back Looking Forward e-book and thought one of the exercises would make a great blog entry. So many other bloggers are doing “Year in review” posts right now, and this is kind of what this post will be.

winter trees

Katy has you make a list of moments from 2012, big or small. I had so much fun reminiscing back on 2012 to make this list, so I thought I’d share. This isn’t in any kind of order from best to worst, and it isn’t even classified as my top moments. It’s just things that happened or things I did. So, here are 50 moments from 2012 –

  1. Celebrated five years of marriage to my husband
  2. Finished out my pregnancy and managed to not get any stretch marks
  3. Gave birth to an amazing, healthy little guy
  4. Successfully budgeted for more than a week…just for groceries, but still, you gotta start somewhere 🙂
  5. Blogged a lot more than I ever have in the past
  6. Visited Asheville, NC
  7. Saw Biltmore Estate
  8. Visited Boston, MA and about melted in the heat, but saw some great landmarks
  9. Visited Plymouth, MA and saw Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower replica
  10. Learned to knit
  11. Met a lot of mama friends
  12. Kept up with breastfeeding successfully… and still going strong into 2013!
  13. Read a lot of books
  14. Updated the living room decor and I think I’m pretty happy with it for the most part
  15. Met Tim Gunn
  16. Planted flowers in the Spring and managed to keep them alive for more than a week
  17. Had two baby showers (2 and 3)
  18. Had two maternity photo shoots
  19. Got a 4D ultrasound
  20. Became more confident in myself, especially after having a baby
  21. Mastered grocery shopping with a baby
  22. Paid off pretty much all of our credit card debt
  23. Celebrated my first mother’s day
  24. Took Ezra to a local tummy time class and made a connection to sell knitted goods on consignment
  25. Found a new church home
  26. Ate at Panera way too much
  27. Mastered the art of the Bubble Wig
  28. Survived single parenting for 1 week in August when Alex was on a business trip
  29. Survived four 16 hour car rides with a 2 month old when we visited Massachusetts
  30. Related to #29 – survived an accidental detour to New Jersey over the George Washington Bridge, with a carsick baby and freaking-out-Pomeranian in tow
  31. Went on a boat
  32. Braved a swimsuit, post-partum
  33. Braved four flights with a 3 month old, when we visited Little Rock in July
  34. … Visited Little Rock in July, to introduce Ezra to his Rosen relatives
  35. Spent a lot of time with family we don’t get to see often
  36. Visited Sunrock Farm and learned about goats and chickens
  37. Camped at Big Bone Park
  38. Went to a knitting retreat and learned how to make my own yarn using silk hankies
  39. Took Ezra to the zoo and aquarium
  40. Swapped the nursery and office and, since the swap, have actually kept my office clean/organized
  41. Got better at using my camera
  42. Taught myself how to knit short rows in the round, and learned how to knit them straight from a fabulous teacher
  43. Made diaper soakers
  44. Taught myself magic loop
  45. Made 15 pumpkin hats
  46. Made 30 Christmas hats in 3 weeks (still reeling from this one)
  47. Went to a pumpkin farm, twice
  48. Went to a Star Wars festival
  49. Started writing my own knitting patterns
  50. Braved cloth diapers and lived to tell the tale

Making this list, I realize how much I stopped blogging about after Ezra was born. A lot of things just stopped at that point. It’s crazy how much a small little thing can take over your life. I feel like, with Ezra turning 9 months in a week, that I’m finally getting back to a place where I can recover some of who I am and get back into those parts of my life I’ve let fallen to the wayside. Really, any major life event will do this to you – you end up reorganizing your priorities to make room for this new thing. And when the dust settles and you’re more confident in your ability to not blow this new thing up, you can revisit those old things and bring them back in… or, sometimes, you may find you don’t really need them anymore, after all.

I have so much I want to blog about, just looking at this list. Tons of pictures to share and stories to tell. I want to remember all of these moments, plus tons more I didn’t even include in this list. Mostly for Ezra’s sake. Children born in this era have such a unique gift (but it could also be a curse) – never have our lives been so documented, so minutely, before. I look back at pictures of my parent’s childhood and they have only a handful of snapshots. For my own childhood, there are a couple shoeboxes full of photos and some scrapbooks. But for Ezra’s childhood, and all babies his age and even slightly older, there are already thousands upon thousands of images, posts, videos, etc… It’s crazy. He definitely won’t wonder what things were like when he was small.

Well, that was a digression. Anyway, how was your 2012? What are you looking forward to in 2013?