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A difficult knitting project: On the Needles

I mentioned that I had started doing social media work at my local yarn shop and recently I wrote about a difficult knitting project I’ve had sitting on my needles since February. It’s a cardigan, called Thyone, with some cool colorwork. It hasn’t been the best project, though, and I thought I would share in part what I wrote over there. You can check out the full story by clicking the link at the end of this post.

“On the Needles” is a new feature I will be posting here on Charmingly Modern once a month. You’ll see another one soon, though, for July because this is just a re-post from another site! I’ll be posting on the dress I’ve been working on since June. I can’t wait to share it 🙂


I’d had Thyone in my favorites list for ages. It’s a knit cardigan with an awesome slip stitch pattern.

It was one of those projects. The kind of project that sits in your list because you’re waiting for the perfect something – the perfect time to cast it on… the perfect yarn.

knit cardigan

My perfect yarn turned out to be the Shibui Baby Alpaca that had been sitting in my stash for ages. It’s so unbelievably soft and I had two colorways which made it perfect for this project. And the perfect time turned out to be a chilly night in February, when I was sick of the never-ending winter it seemed like we were trapped in and I was looking for something to take my mind off the next wave of snow flurries predicted in the forecast.

Unfortunately, this story is not a romance. Me and Thyone? Yeah, we didn’t get along. Don’t get along. Because it’s still on the needles. Hence why I’m writing about it for this feature. The knit cardigan of my nightmares.

Haha, not really. I’m being dramatic, but… well, keep reading and you’ll see.

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