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Circadian rhythms are processes in our biology that move our 24-hour body clock around light and darkness. They guide our behaviors, including that time we all have at the end of the day where we are relaxing on the couch or unwinding in our own way. After dinner, depending on how late we stay up, there can hit a certain hour where, like moths to the flame, we find ourselves scouring the pantry shelves for chips, cookies, just anything to eat. What’s worse is when you find yourself in the “salty & sweet trap”: first, a salty snack, then you need a sweet snack, etc. Terrible stuff…just terrible. There can be any number of reasons we

I'm going to talk about a dirty word. It's a six letter dirty word. Can you guess what it is? Budget. Not many people want to think or talk about budgeting. It has a lot of negative connotations: visions of living on rice and beans, never having any fun, counting each and every penny, worrying about spending and expenses. The truth, though? Budgeting doesn't really have to be like that. A budget is just a tool that makes your money work for you. That's it. And to show you how easy it is, I thought I would share our monthly budget process. If you're just beginning, this process might take you a bit of time - but limit yourself to

I've been busily knitting during any free time I can nab up so I can get some pouches into the shop. Ezra does his best to distract me. Today, it was by donning his fashionable fox hat and striking multiple poses: Just look at those cheeks and the double chin! Out.Of.Control. Anyway. We're talking shop here. So back on track! Here are two pouches - the one  on the left is felted and almost completed (just missing a button and a few embellishments!) and the one on the right is awaiting the washer to be felted. These were made with the variegated wool I purchased a couple weeks ago. Here's the red one again, with a little green one. The green one was

We finished Ezra's nursery two weeks before he arrived - perfect timing! Now that we've been using it for several weeks, I feel like I did a pretty good job anticipating how we would use it, though there are still a few touches I'd like to make here and there. On my last update of his nursery, things were looking pretty bare. Now, they're a lot more filled in and nursery-ish looking. The walls are now painted Evening Shadow by Sherwin Williams, and we've got his crib all setup (featuring a giant yoda and sleep sheep). We added art work to this wall - little fox prints! We wanted foxes to be the theme, but we ended