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Charmingly Modern has a couple recurring features.

Check them out:

  • Looking Back, Looking Ahead – Posted on Sundays. This is a weekly feature where I write about what happened over the last seven days, what’s coming up in the next few days plus I share some links of stuff I’ve collected around the web. This is more for me to get some weekly happenings recorded, but I thought I would share it just in case other people were interested in what our day-to-day life looks like.
  • In my Kitchen – Posted on Wednesdays. Another weekly feature, this one replaces Money Monday and narrows down the focus to food budgeting and meal planning. I talk about recipes, grocery shopping, eating out too much and drinking excessive amounts of coffee.
  • On the Needles – Posted bi-monthly, on Fridays. This feature is a way for me to share personal knitting projects I’ve got going on. It’s also a way to encourage myself to make some things for me, instead of always making stuff for everyone else!
  • Yarns I Love – Posted once a month. This feature goes live mid-month, each month, and is a roundup of some of the yarns I’ve really been loving lately. You’ll probably only find this interesting if you’re into fiber. If you aren’t into fiber, that’s okay. I still love you.

Unnamed features that I regularly post on are updates about my etsy store that goes by the same name, Charmingly Modern – these updates go up usually on Mondays – and I also talk about my house that we built with Drees Homes a lot, usually on Thursdays.

Now retired blog features include –

  • A Glimpse Of…  – This was a weekly feature, every Friday, where you got a little glimpse into something currently happening in my life
  • Project: Food Budget (Jan 2012-Sept 2012) – This was a group I participated in that tracked our weekly grocery spending
  • 52 Books in 2012 – A project where I worked on reading 52 books in 2012 and put up bi-monthly updates tracking my progress
  • Money Monday – Every Monday I posted on a finance-related topic.