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Bump Progress – 17 Weeks

pregnancy bump pic 17 weeks

November 6, 2011-November 12, 2011

How big is baby? This week, baby is the size of an onion! Baby is about 5.1″ and 5.9oz. Not too long before this little bean will be getting up to 1lb!

How I’m feeling?  Awkward. I am at that awkward phase where people look at me and think “Is that girl pregnant or just putting on some extra weight?” I really can’t wait for a legitimate baby bump.

But when I’m not feeling awkward, I’m otherwise feeling great. I am so, so happy to be out of the first trimester. I can’t even express how happy I am about that. The first trimester was a nightmare for me. And it feels wonderful to be able to eat food again, and rest and not be sick all of the time.

I also have maternity clothes now, which is great. My mom took me shopping a few weeks ago (I think around 15 weeks or something) to help me start out my maternity wardrobe and that was a major blessing. I got a few essentials – some pants and jeans and a few tops. The sweater I’m wearing in the pic above is a maternity sweater, too, but I bought it this past week at Motherhood. I think it looks a little sloppy but I’m sure the more pregnant I become, the better it will look.

Any cravings or weird dreams? I am definitely one of those pregnant women who suffers from completely bizarre dreams. Lately, they have been all about zombies. I have no idea why, except maybe because we are watching The Walking Dead on AMC on Sunday nights. I also have weird dreams about the baby. One that was particularly weird was where I gave birth to the baby (it was a boy) and Alex said “we need to show this little guy off to our families!” I, however, did not agree and instead claimed the baby I had given birth to was the decoy baby and I was, in fact, still pregnant. ??? …. no idea.

I am craving a lot of carbs and Chinese food. I could eat Thai and Chinese food every single day for every meal.

Any other details? I had my third OB visit on the 8th and it went really well. The baby’s heartbeat was 145bpm – nice and strong! Old wives’ tales are hinting that that might mean the baby is a girl…. but we shall see. I think it would take a miracle of God for me to have a girl. As we all learned in school, the man determines the baby’s gender and in our case, on Alex’s side, there are NO girls. I am not exaggerating. His father has two other brothers. Those brothers all had boys, and those boys have had boys. There are four boy grandchildren and three boy great-grandchildren and ours will likely be the fourth boy great-grandchild! But… we shall see!

And in fact, we shall see this upcoming week! I was so, so excited when the Doctor gave me the go-ahead to schedule our 18-20 week ultrasound/anatomy scan. It is scheduled for November 18th at 8:20am which is really early (for me!) but I don’t even care. We will know what we are having!!

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