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Bump Progress – 34 Weeks

34 week baby bump

March 4th-March 10th
(Picnik is being stupid and isn’t working for editing… I tried to make a speech bubble with Aslan announcing ’34 Weeks!’.
I’ll have to try again later!)

How big is baby? Baby Boy is the size of a durian this week. He is 4.2 pounds to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches.

I have no idea what a durian is. So, I did what any college-degree holding individual would do and consulted Wikipedia. Apparently a durian is a fruit… it’s the King of Fruits!  And that’s your fruit fact for the week.

How I’m feeling? As I mentioned last week, this week I’ve spent most of my time getting over a viral infection I contracted. This has been another uneventful week. I mentioned I went to the doctor on Wednesday and that on Monday I saw a chiropractor.

The chiropractor was really nice and did a few adjustments on my lower back and hips. It definitely helped but unfortunately, the pain came back after a day or so and now it’s pretty much back in full force. I don’t think I’ll be returning to the chiropractor because the co-pay for our insurance is kind of expensive for a specialist. I just can’t justify it if the pain keeps coming back and honestly I only have 5 more weeks of this anyway.

The doctor visit went great! Baby is measuring right on target. I asked if I’d be having any more ultrasounds and the doctor said she could order one to check his weight – so we’ve got another ultrasound coming up this Thursday. I’m so happy I’ll have a few more ultrasound pictures to bring to my shower in addition to the ones from the other two utlrasounds! Plus, we’ll have a really good idea of how much he will weigh at birth. I am really curious to know what that number will be.

Any cravings, weird dreams or other symptoms? No cravings. Actually, nothing sounds appetizing.

Not too many dreams that I can remember, either. But, on the bright side, I am sleeping a lot better this week. I’m enjoying that now because it’s only a matter of time before I either can’t sleep because I’m too big, or I can’t sleep because there’s a baby in the house.

My belly button is still an outie. I’ve experienced some foot swelling this week. Let me tell ya, it is super attractive.

Heartburn is still here, as well. It’s so bad now that it wakes me up at night. I am downing Tums like nobody’s business. If it’s true that you can influence your baby’s taste for food based on what you eat in the 2nd trimester and beyond… my child is going to want to eat Tums all day long.

I had lost 4 pounds being sick, but have gained most of it back. My total weight gain is now at 19-20 pounds.

Any other details? I finished all of Baby Boy’s laundry this week, just in time before the next shower. Alex stained the shelves we’ll be hanging up in the nursery – can’t wait to get those up!

Also, yesterday was my 28th birthday! I can’t believe I am 28 years old. Even crazier, I can’t believe I’m having a kid. Sometimes I feel like a kid myself, still.

For my birthday, we went to a special exhibit about Pompeii at the Museum Center and that was pretty amazing… except at the end of the exhibit were body casts of actual victims of the volcanic eruption and, honestly, it was disturbing. That was my least favorite part.

After that, we hit up Vito’s Cafe which is where Alex and I had our rehearsal dinner just four years ago! They gave Baby Boy a little Vito’s onesie which we’ll have to have his pic taken in when he’s born to send over to them.

I ate way too many sweet things last night – cake, Girl Scout cookies, cocoa krispies…. – and ended up feeling sick. Today I don’t feel so great. Hopefully I’m back to feeling good tomorrow.

Just five more weeks until this little guy is here. Pretty unbelievable!

  • March 15, 2012

    you’re looking gorgeous!!

    are there any yoga poses or stretches that you can do? might be helpful to see someone that specializes in prenatal yoga (if you aren’t already). or even try something like acupuncture. did amazing things for me when i was in a car accident and injured my back.

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