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Bump Progress – 36 Weeks!

36 weeks pregnancy bump

March 18th-March 24th
(Excuse my deathly pale, glowing skin!)

How big is baby? He is the size of a coconut, and I’m guessing the Bump is talking about weight wise and not length wise! He is still in the 17.2- to 18.7-inch and 4.2- to 5.8-pound range this week. But… I feel like his weight is probably a little more because at our last ultrasound he was already at 5.6 pounds. And I’ve gained 3 pounds this week.

How I’m feeling? Overall, really good. I am slow-moving a lot of the time, which is a little frustrating, but now that I’ve just embraced the fact that I can’t buzz around the house all day long like I used to, a lot of my back/hip/pelvic pain has decreased. I take more frequent breaks to rest, which has really helped with the swelling.

Any cravings, weird dreams or other symptoms? My heartburn is not really that bad lately – keeping my fingers crossed that stays true until Baby Boy arrives. I sleep about 2-3 hours, then am up to go to the bathroom but I’m not complaining because that’s going to be my sleep schedule for awhile anyway.

I’m craving sweet stuff non stop. I bought fruit and some chocolate fruit dip at the grocery this week because at least that’s a better option than chomping down on cupcakes, sweet breads and cookies all day long.

I am dreaming a lot of Baby Boy getting here. I’m going kind of crazy, actually, just waiting for him to come. Several of the ladies in my birth month club (which is a group of ladies all due in April) have already had their little babies and just seeing those babies makes me want my own baby so badly!

Belly button is still out. Can’t wait for it to go back in!

Any other details? Baby boy is moving constantly, but the movements feel different now since he’s running out of room. They’re kind of wave-like. I feel his feet and his butt all the time. I especially feel his feet under my ribs, on the right side. And sometimes I can feel his hands down by my hips.

The nesting instinct has definitely kicked in. I have a great post coming up with the finalized – for the most part – nursery and I’m so excited to share! Unfortunately, I have been so wrapped up in getting the nursery done that the rest of the house has fallen to the wayside. This is seriously unlike me. I am kind of a neat freak. So it stresses me out a little but with the nursery pretty much finished I have time to catch up on the other chores. The biggest project I am dying tackle is to organize the laundry room. It also serves as our storage area and it is out of control!

Apart from that, I am just waiting to get this labor train going. I’m full term tomorrow – yay!! – and hope Baby Boy decides to come sooner rather than later. At my doctor appointment this past Wednesday, I got the unfortunate news that my little guy is pretty comfortable where he is and is not moving down yet. I have plenty of Braxton-Hicks contractions but I’m ready to trade those in for the real deal. I plan on adding walking to my daily routine now that the weather is so nice, and that should help get things going. My next appointment is coming up on Friday and I’m hoping there will be some changes to report on.

Either way, I’m just three short weeks away from my due date. Pretty unbelievable!


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  • March 29, 2012

    Looking gorgeous! Glad you’re feeling well and getting ready for that little bundle. xoxo

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