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Bump Progress – 37 Weeks

37 weeks baby bump

March 25th-March 31st

How big is baby? I’ve been waiting nine months for this… baby is the size of a watermelon! He is officially Full Term now, which means he could potentially be born at any time. He is about 18.9 to 20.9 inches and weighs about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds. I think he’s on the low to mid-range end of the weight estimate, just going off our last ultrasound. And I’m going to guess that The Bump is going to have him as a watermelon from now until 40 weeks, based on the huge estimate of length and weight.

How I’m feeling? Very energetic in the mornings and early afternoon…then pretty exhausted in the late afternoon and into the evening. I’m feeling very ready to have this baby out and in my arms. Being pregnant… well, I’m kind of over it.

Any cravings, weird dreams or other symptoms? No cravings. I’m having a lot of dreams about giving birth. It always goes really well in the dreams, so let’s hope that stays true for real life!

The heartburn has let up to some extent, which makes sense because I got confirmation at my doctor appointment yesterday that the baby has officially dropped. This means his head is very far down in my pelvic area. I suspected that just based on the amount of hip and pelvic pain I’ve been having. But I’m not going to complain because it means he’s making progress!

And speaking of making progress, he did great this week. I’m 60% effaced and 1cm dilated. To give birth, I need to be 100% effaced and 10cm dilated. Effacement refers to the thinning of the cervix and dilation refers to the width of the opening of the cervix. As the baby descends, his head puts pressure on the tip of my cervix and causes the effacement and dilation. So, keep on dropping baby!

Any other details? In honor of Baby Boy making great progress this week, I took a trip up to Anthropologie and picked up three hooks for the nursery. My plan is to get those up today, as well as make final decisions on the artwork we’re hanging on the remaining bare wall. I had wanted to fill it with a decal…but the more I think about it, the more I think the decal would be a waste of money because he will outgrow it eventually, it can’t be re-applied anywhere else and it’s slightly out of our price range. So, artwork it is! I’ll likely buy a few prints from Etsy and supplement those with scrapbook paper.

The nesting instinct continues but, as I mentioned, mostly in the morning and early afternoon. I am so slow, though. Seriously, it’s kind of annoying me because I normally can clean the entire main floor of our house in three hours. It’s taken me ONE WEEK to clean just the living room. And it technically isn’t done yet. Granted, we had to re-arrange the furniture to make it more difficult for Aslan to see out the window (he’s developed a terrible habit of barking at every living thing that moves outside). It was a blessing in disguise moving the living room around, though, because we removed a few pieces of small furniture and I don’t feel like the baby swing is taking over the entire room anymore.

This weekend I’m really hoping to tackle the laundry room and the kitchen. Those are probably the biggest messes right now. However, I have been sick so who knows how far we will get.

Yes, I’m sick. Again. It isn’t nearly as bad as what I had in the beginning of the month, though. It’s just a sore throat with some sinus congestion. Mucinex is safe during pregnancy – thank goodness! – so I’ve started taking that today.

Tomorrow is the first April – so hard to believe! Tomorrow, fourteen days will remain until the due date. Two weeks. That’s it!