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Bump Progress – Week 27

27 week baby bump

January 15th, 2012-January 21st, 2012

How big is baby? The bump is still saying he is the size of an eggplant (again), but one of my other apps said he was the size of a head of cauliflower. Regardless, he is growing!

How I’m feeling? Pretty good. I had a doctor appointment on Monday and asked him a few questions about birth/labor. It was good to get a better idea of how my practice handles delivery. I was a little disappointed by one of his answers, but overall I think the doctors will work with me as long as I am wiling to hear out their suggestions.

The baby is growing perfectly and right on schedule. Maybe he will be born right on time? I hope so!

Any cravings, weird dreams or other symptoms? Heartburn is here to stay, I think. They say that if a mom experiences a lot of heartburn during pregnancy, it means her child will be born with a lot of hair. So maybe this kid will come out with a luxurious mop on his head.

No weird cravings. I’ve just been listening to my body in terms of what to eat, and my body mostly wants vegetables and fruit which is fine with me.

I did have a few weird dreams that left me feeling like “huh?” when I woke up. I think the strangest of all was the one I had the night before last. In one part of the dream, I was a Mexican man. Yes, a Mexican man. I dreamed I was around this train station and trying to get away from this killer, enormous elephant/bull type creatures. They had been transported to our planet by some alien race and their sole objective was to wipe out humanity. ???? Yeah, I don’t know.

I hid inside this giant construction cone and when I peeked out there was a woman who was there and was like “Quick, come with me to the safe house!” So I followed her to this house that was a giant white ranch in the middle of nowhere. There were a lot of people living there and we just all pretended nothing bad was happening. The only detail I remember from that part of the dream was that I was back to myself again and my job in the house was to make coffee. Possibly speaking to my coffee house addiction?

Any other details? The crib arrived this past Saturday, right before my maternity photo shoot. We were finally able to assemble it on Tuesday and it looks great!

crib with stuffed animals

That is an iPhone shot so I’m sorry about the quality. We still need a mattress – obviously – so that’s just my pregnancy pillow and the little guy’s growing menagerie of stuffed animals, plus Yoda. Because every child needs a Jedi Master in his nursery.

We did some work in the nursery today, actually, just re-arranging the furniture. With the crib in there, we realized it was going to be a lot more cramped than we originally though. So, one of the dressers got moved to the closet and the crib was put in that dresser’s old spot. We dragged in the rug we’d been using in the living room and moved the rocker chair to the opposite end of the nursery, in front of the window. I’m happy now that the crib is not in front of the window.

We don’t really need much else for the room, which is great! We need a toy storage option – thinking probably an under-the-bed box or something for now – a trash can, a floor lamp, some framed art (which we have the images for, so really we just need the frames), and some cute storage options for clothes, diapers, etc… I’d also like to get a hanging shoe organizer or something similar for the back of the door just to store some extra things as needed.

In non-nursery related news, my shower invitations went out for the shower I’m having at the end of February. It’s almost one month away and I am so excited! I really need to pop over to our registries and just verify that amounts are correct and that those are our final choices.

Lastly, the photo at the start of this post is a part of my maternity series. The photos turned out so beautifully! Here are a few more of my favorites:

maternity photo shoot

maternity photo shoot

maternity photo shoot

A Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area based photographer, aliciahasekoester photography, did the photos for me. I think they turned out great! We’re going to do a second session in March when the weather is nicer. The original plan for this shoot was to do some indoors and some at a local park or downtown but, of course, the night before we had a freak snowstorm and the temperature plummeted so it was just way too cold to be outside.

You can click here to see the remainder of my album and to find out more about the photographer!

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