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Last week, I shared our floorplan (and I'm working on getting a better image of that up because the one I had to use was AWFUL!) and our kitchen selections. As I'm typing this, our house is actually totally finished (!!) but I wanted to share these moodboards before doing the latest updates so you can see what we chose and then see how it all comes together in the finished house. 1 - Paint and Flooring (on the main level) As I said in my last update, we only had the option of a whole house paint color and we chose Antique White because it was the lightest option and seemed to have bits of grey in

Before I share the rest of our house progress, I wanted to show you the selections we picked for the inside of our home (if you missed our exterior selections, click here >> Moodboard: Exterior Selections). This entry is just about the kitchen selections. We didn't upgrade very much in the way of inside stuff. We walked out of the Design Center adding only $620 to the purchase price of our home - part of that was an upgraded faucet (we went from a chrome finish to a brushed nickel one for the kitchen faucet) and the rest was overage from upgrading the flooring on the main level to all hardwood (of which the actual cost

  Remember when I shared about our time at the Drees Design Center? I put together a few moodboards showing our selections and here is the first of those - what we chose for the outside of our home. 1 - Drees' rendering of our home's exterior The cool thing about building a new home nowadays is you can escape the "cookie cutter" effect since you're able to customize so many details. The way the process works with our builder is you first choose your neighborhood. Each neighborhood has a set number of floor plans that fit with that area's vibe, or portray the look the builder wants that neighborhood to have. Once you've chosen your floor plan,

Check out the early february update here - House Progress: Early February I left off after the second week of February, and the crew had started working on the drywall. So that's where we will pick up! Third Week of February The house started really taking shape on the inside at this point. The drywall went up in every room, on both floors, by the end of the week - including the drywall on the ceilings. When we visited on February 16th, this was how it was looking - Fourth Week of February When we visited this week, we were blown away by the progress they had made. The drywall was totally finished and ready to be painted. It looked

Whew, it's been awhile since I updated on the progress of our house! You're going to be shocked at what's been going on since I last updated. When we left off, the house was looking like this - That photo was snapped on January 31st. The house had a roof (partially completed) with shingles and all the framing done. Then February got under way and it went from looking like that, to this - First Week of February Our front door got installed! It's unpainted - but the door will be black, and the windows flanking it on either side will be white. That's plywood over the porch (the porch actually didn't get poured until recently). We also got the decorative