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Have you ever had an idea for how you would like a space to come together, but when you walk into that space, you immediately shut down and feel unable to bring that vision to life? I ran into this issue quite a bit when I would work on the design of the first home my husband and I bought together. I would begin a project with so much enthusiasm, but about midway through, my enthusiasm would be replaced by an overwhelming feeling of, well, overwhelm. I would have to step away and, usually, the project would either not be completed or, it would be completed in a way that didn't leave me entirely happy. When I look back

Our first house was on the small side - only 1,000 square feet - and we were pretty limited in what we could do space-wise. We really loved that little house, but after our son was born things began to feel a little more cramped - because, toys! Until we were ready to upgrade to a larger home, in the words of Tim Gunn, we had to make things work. Our biggest "make it work" challenge for our first house was the living room. Our living room had to double as our playroom, because we only had three bedrooms (two of which were used as bedrooms, and the third was a home office). Even though the

Ezra has had five bedrooms in his short life. His first two were both in the same house - our first house; he just moved from one bedroom to another (Ezra's Nursery and the second nursery setup is included in this home tour, Closing on our House). His third was in the apartment we rented while we waited for our current home to be finished (Apartment Tour: Living with Less has those photos). The fourth was his latest room, his nursery in this house. And the fifth is his "new" room, which will hopefully be his bedroom for a very long time. Before I show you his new room, I wanted to photograph and write about his nursery, of which

Back in October, I wrote a post about our upstairs playroom and how it's pretty much a blank state (you can find the post here - A to do list for the playroom). Now that we are expecting baby #2, I've started to revisit the idea of the playroom, and I've also started to semi freak out about the idea of ALL THE TOYS that will be coming into this house, especially since now we will have both a boy and girl. Just to refresh your memory, here's one view of what the room looks like (prepare to be bored to tears) - Since moving in, we've celebrated Ezra turning 2 and Christmas/Hanukkah, plus we've been living our

The main reason we chose the Davidson floorplan for our Drees home was because of the play room. Oddly enough, this is the space I kind of dislike the most about our house. But it's only because I have no idea what to do with it. It's a big room, which makes it a little overwhelming. So this post is all about a few ideas I have for how to set this room up. Here's how it looks today - So, pretty much a blank slate, huh? As you can tell, this room kind of became the catch-all for the furniture from our old house that didn't really have a place in this new house. To give an