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We've been making a lot of progress in the nursery around here the last couple days. With my showers over, it was time to put things away and start getting organized. Not to mention, I have my final set of maternity photos coming up on Saturday and I want some of those photos to be in the nursery - which means it actually needs to look like a nursery! I don't think we will have the entire thing completed by Saturday, but that's okay. Most of the major projects - in fact, every major project except one - are completed. One of those projects was to upgrade the lighting in the room. The room currently has the dumbest,

Several weeks ago, I pinned something about re-growing scallions. The idea is very simple: instead of throwing away the white root ends of your green onions, submerge them in water and place them in a little sunshine. In no time, they will start to re-grow themselves and in a matter of days you'll have green onions again. A couple weeks ago, I did just that - I kept the ends of the scallions I had used for a recipe and submerged them in a clear, small jar that I no longer had the lid to. It took a couple days, but soon enough I started to see re-growth. Then, seemingly overnight, they shot up into this: I took my

Tonight I finally finished one of my longest ongoing DIY projects. My longest project I can't, unfortunately, take a picture of because I don't actually have it anymore. It was a Cinderella crosstitch project begun in 1998 for my then 7 year old sister. I only just finished it last month. I gave it to her for her 20th birthday. HAH! But I digress. So this project I finished tonight is not something I came up with on my own; it's something I found over a year ago at Design Sponge in their DIY archives - a toilet paper roll wall art tutorial. At that time, we had just moved into our house and we were planning

This homemade body scrub kind of took on a life of its own. I started out intending to make something to help with my son's eczema flareups. It seemed like a lot of my friends' kids had the same problem, and I was thinking, "Well, I can just toss something together to solve *all* of our problem! This will be great!" But then it became something more. What I created really did help with Ezra's eczema. I ended up with some leftover so I thought to myself, "Well, why don't I just try this stuff on my face and just see what happens. And while I'm at it, my feet, too. Oh and hey, let's put it