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I'm going to talk about a dirty word. It's a six letter dirty word. Can you guess what it is? Budget. Not many people want to think or talk about budgeting. It has a lot of negative connotations: visions of living on rice and beans, never having any fun, counting each and every penny, worrying about spending and expenses. The truth, though? Budgeting doesn't really have to be like that. A budget is just a tool that makes your money work for you. That's it. And to show you how easy it is, I thought I would share our monthly budget process. If you're just beginning, this process might take you a bit of time - but limit yourself to

Winner Chosen! Congrats to Erin T. on winning a custom May Book of your choice! A few weeks back, when I shared about how I budget in six easy steps, I mentioned that I use a May Book to create our monthly budget. I received my May Book a couple years ago, as a gift from my sister-in-law. I didn't use it right away, but when we started getting serious about budgeting, it became an invaluable tool. It helps, too, that it's super cute. (By the way - May Books can be much more than budgeting tools. You can customize the cover with all of their different design options and even add a monogram, and the inside can

Catch up with past 2014 goal setting posts by clicking these links - Making things happen in 2014 Lessons learned in 2013 A Vision for 2014 And so it continues - the next steps in this 2014 making things happen journey. Check out Lara's take by clicking here. The idea of legacy has really been floating around in my life lately. It's one of those words I keep seeing everywhere, you know what I mean? It's also something - up until recently anyway - I have never thought about. Even though I am a planner by nature, I typically didn't plan much beyond a month or two. But now that we are moving into what feels like a new phase of

Missed my other 2014 goal setting posts? Check them out here - Making things happen in 2014 Lessons learned in 2013 *Before you jump into my post, make sure you read Lara Casey's take on setting a vision up for 2014.   To be honest, up until I began this Powersheets journey I never sat down to purposefully visualize my life. Sure, I had visualized plenty of other things - rooms I wanted to decorate, items for the shop, the future of my shop, yarn magically appearing in my closet