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Circadian rhythms are processes in our biology that move our 24-hour body clock around light and darkness. They guide our behaviors, including that time we all have at the end of the day where we are relaxing on the couch or unwinding in our own way. After dinner, depending on how late we stay up, there can hit a certain hour where, like moths to the flame, we find ourselves scouring the pantry shelves for chips, cookies, just anything to eat. What’s worse is when you find yourself in the “salty & sweet trap”: first, a salty snack, then you need a sweet snack, etc. Terrible stuff…just terrible. There can be any number of reasons we

It's one of those things you never hear about when you're gearing up to have your baby - a sleep regression. No one talks about it, because how would that conversation go? "Oh, around 4 months of age your baby will inexplicably stop sleeping at night and maybe even during the day, too. Your bump is adorable! Have a name yet?!" Really, though, around 4 months of age your baby will inexplicably stop sleeping at night, and maybe even during the day, too. Oh, they'll also do it again at 6 months, and 9 months, and possibly 12 months if you're really lucky. Or they may not do it at all. Or it may hit at a

I've been chasing mornings for years. I can't ever seem to catch them, though. I always say that I am a morning person trapped inside a night person's body. I just love the idea of a quiet morning, where you collect yourself and prepare for the day. Two years ago, I really started trying to wake earlier. It seemed, though, the harder I tried, the later I ended up staying up at night, so the more difficult it became to wake up before my kids. Most nights, I don't fall asleep before 1am, which means any hope of waking earlier than 7:30 is a pipe dream. This year, though? This year will be different. If you read my

January always gives me hope. It's full of fresh starts, blank slates, open spaces. It's a welcome change of pace after the busyness of the holidays. I love January. And every year, I walk in to January with the same intentions: make lists upon lists of things I want to do, think about the past year and what I want to take with me into the new one and what I want to toss aside, and all of the projects I want to tackle over the next twelve months. And every year, as January comes to a close, I feel those little tinges of disappointment, and I start to listen to those whispering voices that say, "why

I stopped updating here on the blog about my pregnancy when I was nineteen weeks. Which may not have not seemed unusual given my spotty update history, but unlike things in the past, it was a purposeful move. During my twentieth week, we had our routine anatomy scan. It went really well and we came home knowing for certain we were having a little girl and that she seemed to be following in her brother's footsteps - healthy, on target. Not to mention those ultrasound pictures. Cutest baby there ever was (apart from Ezra, of course)! That weekend, I went away with my mom and sister for a girls' weekend - extra special at the time knowing