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Project Food Budget

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Week 8 Budget - $70.00 Actual - $36.50 Week 9 Budget - $70.00 Actual - $73.49 So, week 8 our spending was drastically down because I was sick most of the week. The day I would normally have gone grocery shopping, I started getting a fever. By the time Wednesday rolled around, I was completely done and had no appetite anyway. Alex ate leftovers and my parents also brought food by the house. The grocery spending that week is spending at Kroger, Walmart and Walgreens for kleenex, soup, popsicles and Tylenol. For this week, week 9, we went to the store but we had no list (mistake #1!). We did our shopping on Sunday night (mistake #2!) and I still wasn't feeling

Budget - $70.00 Actual - $86.26 I was $16.26 over budget this week. Our savings was $15.46, which is good at least. The reason we went over budget is we made a random grocery trip on Sunday. I had to get meat for Alex's breakfast burritos; I had to buy yogurt because the yogurt I'd bought on my last trip had three different artificial sweeteners in it, including aspartame; and we also needed eggs because we ran out after Alex made himself omelettes over the weekend. That trip was $16.07. When I went shopping for the week this past Tuesday, I kept in mind my budget was actually only $53.93

Budget: $70.00 Actual: $3.56 (meat market) and $61.50 (Kroger) - totaling $65.06 I'm pretty proud of our spending this week! I bought 2 pounds of chicken last Wednesday or Thursday at a local meat market and that was a savings of $6.82 over what we would have spent on 2 pounds of chicken from Kroger (chicken breasts were $5.19/lb at Kroger, versus $1.99/lb at the meat market). And our spending at Kroger this week was pretty great considering I bought a ton of random things we don't normally buy - a lot of snack food, mostly. It was time to stock up on the snacks. My total savings was $18.20 - best yet! I used a lot more

Budget: $70.00 Actual: $67.68 Our dinners this week: Wednesday (02/08) - Had dinner at Applebees with my family Thursday (02/09) - Pan Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Garlic Green Beans (it's baking right now and smells great!) Friday (02/10) - New England Pot Roast Saturday (02/11) - Spinach Lasagna Rolls (this time I'm making it with lasagna instead of large shells) Sunday (02/12) - Leftovers Monday (02/13) - Turkey Chili - from The Gorgeously Green Diet, page 315 (I'll post the recipe in my Feb wrap-up) Tuesday (02/14) - ?? I have Lentil & Cauliflower Stew - Gorgeously Green Diet, page 299 - planned but we may go out. Who knows! We did really great this week! I feel like this is a more accurate reflection than last week