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I'm going to talk about a dirty word. It's a six letter dirty word. Can you guess what it is? Budget. Not many people want to think or talk about budgeting. It has a lot of negative connotations: visions of living on rice and beans, never having any fun, counting each and every penny, worrying about spending and expenses. The truth, though? Budgeting doesn't really have to be like that. A budget is just a tool that makes your money work for you. That's it. And to show you how easy it is, I thought I would share our monthly budget process. If you're just beginning, this process might take you a bit of time - but limit yourself to

We're mid-way through August so it only makes sense for me to update you on how our grocery and eating out spending went in June and July. Just to refresh your memory, my plan (which is in this post) for spending is - Groceries - $400/month Eating out - $225/month Coffee - $50/month In June, I actually upped the grocery budget to $434 because I had $34 extra in our budget. So, how did June end up? Let's look at groceries first - I blew our budget out of the water in June by spending $508.26. Oops. That's the most I've ever gone over-budget on groceries in the history of my tracking! And I can tell you what is at fault (apart

In My Kitchen Say goodbye to Money Monday and hello to "In My Kitchen," which is a new, regular weekly feature about our grocery budget, meal planning and recipes. Yahoo! I've moved this budgeting feature to Wednesdays because I now do all of my grocery shopping on Tuesdays so it's a lot easier to update about what we spent and what our meal plan is once I've got the shopping taken care of. Let's jump right in with a look at how our grocery budget fared in May - Remember, our family's monthly grocery budget is $400.00. So, in May we went over budget by $44.29 - we spent $444.29 on groceries in May. We also dropped our YTD

I don't know how a whole two months went by without me updating about our grocery spending, but they did. Whew! I left off in February, and at that point we had added $429.14 to our annual grocery spending. My monthly spending goal for groceries is $400 so February had us over budget by $29.14, but that isn't too terrible. Here's how March and April broke down (which, technically, April isn't over yet but I don't anticipate grocery shopping again until next week on May 1st. If that changes, though, I'll update this post!)   March - $437.77 April - $369.38 In March, we went over budget by $37.77 but if you look at the week ending in March 15th, you'll