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About a month ago, my friend invited me over to her house to prep a ton of freezer meals. And by "a ton," I mean 20. She had signed up to be a Wildtree distributor and so we got together to try two of their kits, which together made 20 meals. The night before we got together, I went grocery shopping for the meat I needed for all 20 of these recipes. The recipes ranged from things like fajitas (two kinds), flank steak, pork chops (which I subbed out

  A couple weeks ago, I shared how I budget in 6 easy steps and this week I thought I would check in with you on how our budgeting is going. I left off sharing our tracking for the month of January and, to that point, we had spent $333.12, and we were averaging $83.28 a week - which was less than my goal of $100/week. Score! So, how did things go in February? Let's take a look - February added $429.14 to our annual grocery spending total. Not terrible - only $29.14 over budget for monthly spending in February. I have a few thoughts about how our money was spent on groceries in February and I'm just going to

It's baaaaaack! Money Monday, that is (and I'm publishing this on a Monday, for once, with a few minutes to spare!!!). And I'm jumping back in where I left off - tracking my spending at the grocery store. I know, so exciting. I'm using the same spreadsheet that I used last time, from Couponing 101. Grab yours up here (you'll have to adjust the dates for the current year since the spreadsheet was made in 2010). So, first, let's look at what I've spent so far in 2014 (more than I would have liked to, but a move will do that to you!) - Year to date - $333.12 Savings to date - $64.15 Average weekly spending - $83.28 I actually think

We have pretty much knocked off all the items on our To Do List that had a cost associated with them, which is a great feeling. In September, we listed our house for sale (!!!) and have seen a lot of interest. We're really hopeful and positive that good things are coming our way. Ezra loves real estate A big part of our luck, I think anyway, comes from our willingness to drop a little bit of cash into the house to help turn it into someone else's dream home. There were things we just knew from having lived here for 3 and a half years that needed to be addressed - the top priority being the

Last week, I talked about our grocery spending and how I had been slowly but surely reducing our weekly bill down to $80.00. And last night, I achieved victory!! We spent $78.69! And saved $16.45 (17% of our bill). That was for 38 items. The savings wasn't as great as it's been the last couple weeks, but the main reason for that is our Kroger stopped running their Mega Sales Event. Normally when that happens, I end up using little to no coupons so I'm pretty proud of myself that I stilled used quite a few - $7.00 of our savings total was through manufacturer and catalina coupons. So what's next? Well, I don't realistically see us being able