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"Oh wow, look! A castle!" It wasn't actually a castle. It was a huge industrial plant that we were driving past, but Ezra's little toddler eyes saw something else. "It sure is, bud!" I replied. We passed a few more castles on our way to our destination - each met with just as much enthusiasm from my passenger in the backseat - and that little voice in my head came up. If you're a parent, you know the voice I'm talking about. It's the one that tells you all the things you're doing wrong. "You should have corrected him," it said. "You shouldn't let him think a factory is a castle. You should have told him it's a place

It's Sunday night! And our week and weekend were so much busier than I thought they would be. Monday, the local yarn shop had a Christmas in July event that featured a Wonderland Yarns/Frabjous Fibers Trunk Show. The yarn is all hand-dyed in the US and the colorways are inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I picked up a mini skein kit (that also has a full size skein in it) and a skein of some fingering weight yarn. For the kit, I think I'm going to do the Aranami Shawl and with the fingering, the Westbourne tee. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty standard. I cast on the Linum Tee in Knit One Crochet Too Cozette yarn (which

So my last Looking Back, Looking Ahead was end of June. I officially stuck with it more than my past attempt at journaling our weekly happenings, so I'm counting that as a win. And had things not gotten so crazy after I got hired by that local yarn shop, I think I would have stuck with it more. That's what I tell myself anyway. I'm just going to jump right back in and do a recap of July - only my favorite moments from the last few weeks - plus some links I've found interesting over the course of this past week. And then I'll be back on track come Sunday for Looking Back, Looking Ahead

“Why did you have a child?” she asked me (with a look of genuine curiosity). We were talking about kids - the topic of Alex and I having more kids, actually - so it wasn’t a question that was out of the blue. But, still, it took me by surprise. I had never really thought about it before. It's a legitimate question, though. I’m sure I said something about a void, and joy, and age, and family. I can’t recall my exact words. And, sure, those are all a part of it. I just can’t help but think about it, even now, a week later since she asked me. Why did I want a child? Oranges have nothing to do

It's part 4 of my series on cloth diapers - zing! I'm on a roll. (Check the bottom of this post for links to Parts 1, 2 and 3.) It's no secret that I love cloth diapers. But I was hesitant at first - what if I regretted my choice? What if I didn't use them? What if I couldn't wash them properly and they ended up all stained and stinky? What if. I jumped in despite my reservations and I'm so glad that I did because, for me, using cloth diapers is something I feel really strongly about - some people are really into the organic food thing, others only buy wooden toys, but me? My thing