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Over the last few months, I've worked on a lot of custom knitting projects and I thought I would share a few of them here. A good friend of mine asked me to make an army cap for the newest little addition to her family, in ACU colors, to honor her husband who is active military. I was really excited about this project because I'd been wanting to experiment with a billed, knitted hat. The pattern was a lot of fun to make and I learned a few new things about short rows - they're great not just for shaping out the backside of a cloth diaper soaker, but also for creating slanted edging for bills

So, I knit. You knew that already, though. I recently made Ezra a hat out of some of the softest merino wool I've ever knit with. But I decided it wasn't complete until I added bear ears to it. So that's exactly what I did.       I have a limited amount of this yarn left and would love for some other baby to enjoy it on his or hear noggin so I've put a listing in my Etsy shop where you can grab a bear hat of your own. Hurry before it's all gone!

It's official: the Charmingly Modern Etsy Store is now open! It's only taken 4 months, but I finally have an inventory. I'm opening the store a little earlier than I thought I would. I had been accepted into an amazing craft show in the Cincinnati area, but some unforeseen circumstances have conspired to keep me out of it. On the bright side, I get to open my store early because I have the inventory in place from preparing for the craft show. There are no pouches listed right now. I'm going to get the finishing touches on those this week, then I'll just need to photograph them. Today, Ezra was my muse and we worked on getting pictures

I've been busily knitting during any free time I can nab up so I can get some pouches into the shop. Ezra does his best to distract me. Today, it was by donning his fashionable fox hat and striking multiple poses: Just look at those cheeks and the double chin! Out.Of.Control. Anyway. We're talking shop here. So back on track! Here are two pouches - the one  on the left is felted and almost completed (just missing a button and a few embellishments!) and the one on the right is awaiting the washer to be felted. These were made with the variegated wool I purchased a couple weeks ago. Here's the red one again, with a little green one. The green one was

Remember when I mentioned about starting another business? Well, I've begun the process! Step one was not what I normally spend days/weeks/months doing: research, research and more research. Instead, I bought supplies and just started making. I picked up these six skeins of Lambs Pride worsted yarn from my local yarn shop yesterday. I was so pumped when I saw them tucked among the other wool skeins! They're absolutely beautiful and will look amazing as felted pouches because of their variations. I started on a pouch when I brought them home but, unfortunately, chose the wrong needles - size 7 instead of 10. So it's a micro pouch. That's okay though. I think once it's felted, it will hold a gift