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"Oh wow, look! A castle!" It wasn't actually a castle. It was a huge industrial plant that we were driving past, but Ezra's little toddler eyes saw something else. "It sure is, bud!" I replied. We passed a few more castles on our way to our destination - each met with just as much enthusiasm from my passenger in the backseat - and that little voice in my head came up. If you're a parent, you know the voice I'm talking about. It's the one that tells you all the things you're doing wrong. "You should have corrected him," it said. "You shouldn't let him think a factory is a castle. You should have told him it's a place

(I'm still catching up on Looking Back, Looking Ahead so here's another back-dated post for you.) I've gotta say, Monday (the 11th) was a hard day for me, for reasons I'm not entirely prepared to go into here on the blog, but I will share eventually when the time is right. I read something that shook me to my core and I've been working on processing it since then. Have you ever experienced something that felt like a definitive line in the sand for you? Something where you knew you couldn't go back to how life was before? That's how Monday was for me. I can't un-know what I now know, and I can't erase the

I've always needed the light. Needed. Rooms flooded with sunlight. Open spaces. Billowing curtains. The breeze through an open window. I've needed that space, my whole life. Because I've always felt space. I mean really felt it. Even when I was small, what I dreamed of was beautiful rooms. I was not the little girl who thought about weddings and happy endings. Instead of dresses, I thought about space and interiors and light. I wrote pages describing how I would one day live on my own and, in the meantime, I kept the windows open for the breeze. And I listened and learned, because a room is not something that's silent. Then, one evening, I sat in the