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Make your own portable diaper change station


It’s funny how quickly you can forget just how much stuff a baby needs. They should come with their own tiny suitcases already packed and ready to go (oh wait, I guess that would be a diaper bag…).

If you’re like me, you get tired of running up and down stairs, or back and forth between rooms, to grab things for the baby especially when you’ve got other children to keep track of. I put together this handy, portable baby station that I’m calling a Diaper Change Station but, really, I also have toys, nursing supplies, and other goodies in here too. It’s a nice way to corral and transport all the things I need readily available when my baby is up and about. Check out what’s inside –

diaper station kit

I picked up this bin at Home Goods – my favorite place for all things home related, since everything is affordable for the most part. I actually grabbed two of these bins, one for each of our two end tables. They’re the perfect fit for the bottom shelf, and what I love is that you can’t see what’s inside of them unless you pull them out – which means, the mess stays contained and out of sight!

Here is what I stocked my Diaper Change Station with –

  • A changing pad – You probably have a few of these around. These are the ones you can tie on to a changing table, but disposable changing pads would be a great choice, too.
  • Diapers (duh) – Keep 3-4 diapers in here at all times, especially in the early days of having your baby home because babies go through diapers fast!
  • Wipes – I have regular wipes in here, but you may also have noticed a little cloth wipe tucked between the changing pad and the diapers. We don’t use cloth wipes for their intended purpose; I like to keep them on hand in case a receiving blanket isn’t around or within reach.
  • Lotion, lanolin, diaper cream – I’ve got one of each of those in there.
  • Pacifier and/or other toys – You wouldn’t believe how quickly pacis make themselves scarce when you most need them. I at least know there’s always one in this bin. I also have a few interlocking rings and rattles in there.

Other items I keep in there from time to time, but aren’t in this picture –

  •  A change of clothes – very handy in the early days of having a newborn (see the point above about diapers…).
  • Receiving blankets – I used to keep two or three of them in the bin, but as my girl’s reflux calmed down I wasn’t reaching for them as frequently so I took them out.
  • Socks and/or bib – Just in case!

I hope this little quick tip helps you out if you’ve finding yourself scrambling for baby supplies during the day. If you’ve ever made a portable baby supplies station, share what you stowed in it! Thanks for reading 🙂

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