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Mid-week links #1

mid week links

I don’t think the format of Sunday Evening Snippets is working for me because, honestly, I’d rather be relaxing on the couch in the evening than writing out a blog post. So, welcome to Mid-Week Links 🙂

So far, this week has been pretty low-key which is never a bad thing. Monday I brought Ezra to my mom’s so she could watch him for a little bit and I could get some hat knitting done. I’m on a tight deadline to get a few more hats finished and mailed before February 1st. I’m thanking my lucky stars that napping and sleeping has really evened out for Ezra and we seem to be past the worst of this 9 month sleep regression *knock on wood*.

Yesterday was a nice day at home. Ezra woke really late for some reason so he napped a little later in the day. It was so nice outside – like a tease for Spring – so we opened up the windows and I cleaned while Ezra ate his breakfast and played. In the afternoon we ran over to my friend’s house who does our photos to pickup a CD from Ezra’s valentine photo shoot.

Ezra valentine pic
Photo by aliciahasekoester photography

After that, we ran a few more errands and then headed home for Ezra’s afternoon nap. I worked on a few hats and straightened up a little bit more. Dinner was at a local Mexican place that’s quickly becoming our favorite. It’s in a strip center that is probably the most culturally diverse in terms of food offerings. There is an Outback Steakhouse, an Indian restaurant, a frozen yogurt shop, the Mexican place we hit up, a Thai place, a crepe place, and a Penn Station… all in one strip center. So chances are you’ll find something to eat there.

This morning it’s just me hanging out at the Starbucks I always visit on Wednesdays. I’ve got my podcasts lined up and my knitting ready to go as soon as I publish this post. Ezra is hanging out with his gran-Nene all day (which is what we’re trying to get him to call my mom… long story, but the short version is my cousin couldn’t pronounce her name, Tina, so he called her Aunt Nene – pronounced nee-nee. So now we’re trying to get Ezra to carry on the tradition that my cousin started and call her gran-Nene!) and this evening we’ll eat dinner with my family.

Here’s a few links I’ve enjoyed the last couple weeks –

I loved this poignant post on the Superhero Life blog by Andrea Scher, Life is Bright Again. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Do your children see color?

Sanity Manifesto printable from Ann Voskamp. My mom shared the link and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

Return address embossers would be an awesome housewarming present

Have you heard about Young House Love’s unofficial Macklemore thrift shop challenge? No? Well, now you have.

These ham and cheddar scones sound amazing.

Dream assassinators are real.

Loved Danielle’s roundup of gifts for a new baby.

Happy Wednesday 🙂