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Mid-week Links #2

You may have noticed things looking a little different around here! Liz and Glenn cooked up a beautiful new site design for Charmingly Modern and I couldn’t be more in love with it. It’s clean, simple and easy on the eyes 🙂  Definitely check them out if you’re looking to redo your own blog – I highly recommend!

Aslan before getting groomed

The last couple weeks have been filled with yarn and needles flying as I’ve been finishing up final orders to ship out before Valentine’s Day. I’m giving myself a break through the weekend, then I’ll start work on my St. Patrick’s Day design. I also have a few ideas up my sleeve on gift sets I can put together for a new mom + baby. I’ll get to work with a yarn I’ve been wanting to knit with for awhile – it’s an organic bamboo and so unbelievably soft.

On top of the knitting, Ezra is settling back into our old routine which has been such a nice change of pace. He even surprised me last week by taking a 2 hour nap one morning. That same day – and this is probably no coincidence, since sleep is a time where babies can recharge to work on developmental leaps – he started walking! My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were spending the day with us so that was a great surprise. Ezra probably just wanted to show off 😉 Since then, he is getting more and more brave (and fast) and I don’t think it will be long before crawling is a thing of the past.

This weekend Alex and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day on Saturday. My mom is going to watch Ezra while we hit up a few properties in the surrounding areas. We’re also planning on having a meal somewhere – maybe this great place called Trio, but maybe some place else. I think I’m more excited to look at houses. It’s getting close to when we can list our own house for sale and I am so excited.

Here’s a few links I’ve picked up the last few days –

Can’t wait to try this recipe for roasted cauliflower alfredo with peas – yummmmmmm

Patterned paint rollers? Gotta keep this in mind for the new house

I loved reading about Ashley’s fixes for five mistakes she made as a blogger

We’re still working on building our cloth diaper stash, so Emily’s one year update on their cloth diapering journey was great to read

Baked in a buttery crispy crust – this blooper video!!!

Beautiful article about regaining identity, from Dina Nayeri

When I’m bored, sometimes I love reading through the “today I learned” tag on reddit. You learn a lot of stuff!

I recently cast on a sweater vest, but when I’m done with that I’d love to make this double seed stitch blanket. I love seed stitch.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂