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Money Mondays: The Case for Brown Bagging

Welcome to a new feature on Charmingly Modern – Money Mondays! Every Monday check back here for a post on a topic relating to money. This feature goes along with my personal finance goals I’m working on meeting before we say goodbye to 2012. I hope you enjoy this new feature as much as I enjoy writing about it! 

Last week, I talked about how I pack my husband’s lunch.

That was kind of perfect timing to lead into my first Money Monday topic… how packing your lunch can save you loads of money.

It’s kind of common sense, but until you break it down to the numbers you don’t really realize just how much money you can save.

I was contacted by Allison of on this very topic. The folks there created a fascinating graphic illustrating this very point. Check it out:

Brown Bagging Infographic

It’s pretty crazy, huh?

The cost disparity between a restaurant turkey sandwich and one prepared at home was what particularly caught my eye. This is something I’ve noticed lately when eating out. What I would have spent on a bowl of soup at Panera, I could have used to make a crock pot meal that would feed us at dinner with leftovers for me to enjoy at lunch.

So – now it’s your turn. Tell me your thoughts on this infographic. Do you pack your lunch? Do you buy your lunch? Do share!