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Project: Food Budget – Week 5

project food budget

Budget: $70.00
Actual: $67.68

Our dinners this week:

Wednesday (02/08) – Had dinner at Applebees with my family
Thursday (02/09) – Pan Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Garlic Green Beans (it’s baking right now and smells great!)
Friday (02/10) – New England Pot Roast
Saturday (02/11) – Spinach Lasagna Rolls (this time I’m making it with lasagna instead of large shells)
Sunday (02/12) – Leftovers
Monday (02/13) – Turkey Chili – from The Gorgeously Green Diet, page 315 (I’ll post the recipe in my Feb wrap-up)
Tuesday (02/14) – ?? I have Lentil & Cauliflower Stew – Gorgeously Green Diet, page 299 – planned but we may go out. Who knows!

We did really great this week! I feel like this is a more accurate reflection than last week since the meals look like they normally would (just one or two nights of no cooking). We saved $13.43 with coupons and the Kroger plus card. We splurged on a few personal care items – face wash, deodorant and vitamins. We also splurged on chuck roast for the pot roast recipe – it was $7 something – but we did have a coupon for $1.50 off a purchase in the meat department so that was pretty cool.

The chicken we’re having tonight I ended up not purchasing at Kroger – I wanted to try out this local meat market since they were touting $1.99/lb for chicken breasts. That total will be tacked on to the grocery totals for next week since I bought it today!

Lunch and breakfast is the same as it’s been for the last several weeks for both of us. I am trying to transition to green smoothies for breakfast, though, since I’m in the third trimester now and I really want to pack in a lot more nutrients and spinach is a great, easy way to do that.

As a side note, I highly, highly recommend checking out The Gorgeously Green Diet book. It isn’t actually a diet book, per se. It talks a lot about eating “green” and ways you can better green your eating habits/kitchen. There are three different tracks you can choose – light, medium, dark green – depending on how green you want to go, and there are associated meal plans with each. The meal plans, I think, are for a month so you could keep going after that and just rotate things differently. There is also a huge section of recipes which, in my opinion, makes the book worth it. I don’t really use the meal plans – I did before I was pregnant off and on and they do help you drop a few pounds, actually – but I love looking through them for ideas when I’m stumped for breakfast, lunch or snacks.

My coffeehouse spending was shockingly low this past week. I only spent $7.41 which put me $7.59 under budget. It was a pretty busy week so there just wasn’t time to hit up my favorite places. This week I’ve done really badly… I’ve already spent $8.57… so we’ll see how that turns out.

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