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Second Baby Bump Progress – 19 Weeks

I don’t have a 19 week bump progress photo, so instead let’s compare my 18 week bump with this little one (top) to my 19 week bump with Ezra (bottom) –

18 week baby bump

19 week baby bump

December 19th – December 25th
19 Weeks

Wow… definitely showing a lot more with baby 2!

How big is baby? Baby is the size of a mango! Baby is about 6″ long and 8.5 ounces – steadily growing!

How I’m feeling? I’m feeling pretty good. It’s Christmas! I can’t believe how quickly Christmas came. It seemed like I had plenty of time before the big day, and then all of the sudden it was here. I went shopping with my sister this week and got some last minute gifts. I’m writing this the day after Christmas, so I can say that things went well despite the day sneaking up on me. We hosted Christmas morning brunch and that was so fun (and so delicious). Christmas Eve was spent with in-laws, eating more delicious food. And today, the 26th, we hosted more family and ate more delicious food. I’m wiped out!

Any cravings or weird dreams? If I was having any cravings, they would be totally satisfied by the sheer amount of food we encountered the last few days. So, I don’t have anything specific I want (though salads are still up there). I finally had a weird dream about the end of the world, with the laziest, most stupid zombies on the planet – they didn’t attack anyone. Instead, they just made biting sounds at the air and passively walked around. Easiest survival ever.

Any other details? My December appointment went well. The baby’s heartbeat is pretty consistent at every appointment – in the 140-150 range. Same as Ezra.

I want to write a separate post about Christmas, but before I get to that I did at least want to share this picture of Ezra. We tried out a real tree this year. We picked it up the weekend of Thanksgiving and decorated it then, too, so this picture is a few weeks old. We have absolutely loved having a real tree. I still put up the white one (and decorated it with all fox ornaments), because I will always love the cheese factor of white trees, but I think this real tree thing could be a new tradition for us.

Merry Christmas!