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Second baby bump progress – 30 Weeks

In case you missed the update about this pregnancy being considered high risk, you can read it here – What I haven’t said about my pregnancy. I’m going back to where I left off and doing bump progress shots, with more information about what we’ve learned along the way about our baby girl and her medical issue. All of these leading up to 33 weeks are written in past tense, just from what I remember was going on. I want a record for myself, for my little girl and to help anyone else who may find themselves in a similar situation.

second pregnancy 30 weeks

March 6th – March 12th

How big is baby? She is as big as a cucumber – approximately 15.2-16.7″ tall and 2.5-3.8 pounds. She’s getting big!

How I’m feeling? My last OB appointment was February 16th and I ended up having my March appointment this week, so slightly early. I learned that the following week would start my twice-weekly nonstress tests and amniotic fluid indexes (on top of the growth ultrasounds happening every 4 weeks….plus normal OB appointments… lots of doctor and hospital visits).

I’ve never had a nonstress test so I really had no idea what to expect.

This week was also the week I turned 31! I have no deep thoughts on this matter, haha. I think I have nothing going on right now that I don’t need to wax philosophical about turning 31, but I will say 31 seems a heck of a lot more serious than turning 30 and maybe one day I’ll sit down and think about why.

Any cravings or weird dreams? Dreams, no. But cravings? Yes. A giant burger. All I wanted that week was a giant cheeseburger, so we went to Smashburger for my birthday dinner. It didn’t exactly hit the spot – I think I was really craving a burger from Five Guys!! – but it was still delicious.

Any other details? The weather really started to warm up, with temps in the 40s. And rain. Which melted the snow, so nobody was complaining. Plus, Ezra got to break out his raincoat and umbrella that he had gotten for Christmas.

This was also the week I deactivated my Facebook. I made this decision for a lot of various reasons, and here I am about a month later and I can honestly say I do not miss Facebook one bit EXCEPT for the Timehop entries I no longer can see. But the good news is whatever I posted on Facebook also exists in my iPhoto so I can just look at the pictures there.

I want to write a post at some point about leaving Facebook, because it really was a big decision. But in the meantime, I’ll say that my main conclusion is it pushed me to reach out one-on-one to people, rather than just loosely “interacting” with them on social media by giving a like or generic comment. It’s been really interesting to see all of that change and I’m thankful for it. Plus, I recovered a lot of time!

The only other major thing from this week is I started hearing a lot of “Ezra needs a haircut!” so I made him an appointment to get a legitimate haircut. He had had his hair cut two times, but both times were just tiny trims. But the haircut didn’t happen until the following week, so I had a few days to enjoy those curls still 🙂