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Sunday Evening Snippets

pumpkin patch visit with baby

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. Well, technically today was…but Sunday never feels like the beginning to me. It always feels like it hangs out on its own..not really the weekend, not really the beginning of the week, either.

Anyway, we had a good weekend. We visited a pumpkin patch yesterday – Ezra’s first one! We didn’t buy any pumpkins, but we took loads of pictures. I also came to the realization that I have become that mom who carries snacks with her everywhere. Mostly this is because Ezra has started on solids so if we are eating out somewhere and he doesn’t have something to munch on too, he becomes very upset at this perceived injustice. So I’m snack mom as a consequence.

My 4 favorite moments from this past week:

1. Getting birth announcements mailed. FINALLY. I ordered them the week Ezra was born and I’m only just now sending them out. I am so bad at stuff like this. It’s a wonder I get Christmas cards out in time.

2. Finding some locally hand-dyed and spun yarn at the pumpkin patch we visited. It’s alpaca and is beautiful. I <3 it and can’t wait to knit something up with it.

3. Putting a shelf up in Ezra’s room to better organize his library of books. The kid has quite a collection and now it’s manageable looking.

4. Watching a movie in the basement with Alex. We  haven’t really taken advantage of our home theatre setup in the basement since Ezra was born, so it was a nice treat to hang out there again this past week!

Five favorite links from this past week:

Four blogs I’m loving right now:

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4. Good Knits

A few things I’m pinning:

Happy Sunday evening 🙂