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When we were married in 2007, we had no idea. We were 23. We had no idea that we wanted children, how to make a budget, what it meant to plan for anything. We didn't make our bed every day, stay on top of the laundry and sometimes I bought books instead of food. We had no idea how much we loved one another, or how much we depended on each other. There were fights and loud voices, there were slammed doors and big sighs. There were tears. But there was also laughter. Oh so much laughter. And smiles, and hope and dreams. We were 23. Practically children, we had no business starting a life together. But we did

Reading - Not much. Mostly things about finance, selling and buying homes and budgeting. But I'm a nerd so I get excited to read about those things. I do have a few books waiting to be read but my hands are so occupied with knitting lately that I find it almost impossible to turn pages :) Knitting - Soakers galore! I've worked with a mom co-op a couple times and am currently fulfilling my second order with them - 43 soakers! My largest order to date. In fact, that's what I was working on in the picture above. It will be an extra large soaker, in Boy Blue Heather (Valley Yarns) trimmed with Blue Hawaii (Cascade

This was a busy weekend! Friday was as slow as this year's tax return deposits. So slow, I can't even remember what we did. And since I took no pictures on Friday, I have no record of what really happened. So I'll make something up. Friday, we slept in and ate ice cream for every meal. Ezra ran a marathon and I greeted him at the finish line with his favorite stuffie - a hedgepig (aka, hedgehog) named Gilbert. Then we went to the park and swung (swang? swinged?) for 5 hours at which point we were tired so we went home and hung out in our jammies until Alex came home. It was pizza for

This was a busier weekend than I thought it would be. We had nothing on the calendar - for once! - but time has a way of getting filled up whether you plan for it to or not. Friday night I hung out at home and did a lot of this: I'm a little obsessed with Grey's Anatomy right now. I realize I'm about 9 years late to this party, and I'm okay with that. Because I have the advantage

*crickets chirping* Yeah, it's been quiet around here. Ever lost your mojo? I feel like that happens to me on a bi-monthly basis, haha. Definitely not the first time I've felt this way, and it certainly won't be the last. You know that great feeling you have after you've successfully completed a project, or cleared out a bunch of clutter from your basement that was just overflowing with junk? I'm trying to get to that place. I've been clearing out life clutter, though. And that is, admittedly, a heck of a lot more difficult to clear out than furniture and boxes of junk. But today is the first day of Spring and it's Wednesday which means it's the day