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Another week has come and gone and it's Wednesday again. Today, Ezra is not with my mom. Instead, he's with his mom, aka me - am I being confusing enough for you?? - and we're keeping it on the DL today. We've got a playdate this afternoon with some twinsies and their mama + a few other mamas and their kiddos (all of whom we have not officially met yet

Oh my sweet boy. I hope you know how much I love you. I think you do, just based on your smiles when you see my face. I think your smiles are easily the best things I see every day. I am writing you this letter because today, as part of the blog challenge I'm doing, I am supposed to give a newborn a piece of advice. Since you're my favorite newborn, I thought I'd give you some advice. Ezra, sometimes I look at this world and think: what have we done, bringing this sweet baby into this broken place? It seems like every day people find new ways to hurt one another. But I can't stay on