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July and August were really bad reading months for me. I read only six books between those 2 months! Pretty unbelievable, and pretty unlike me. Honestly, I was just tired of reading. I have been on a huge knitting kick and didn't want to put any time away from my knitting, so my Nook slowly died and my library ebooks eventually expired. However, I have since picked up a couple of other books though I can tell you right now if I'm going to make my goal, October needs to be a month filled with tons of reading!! I need to get back to reading before bedtime, for sure. But anyway, back on topic

So, not surprisingly, progress really slowed down in March and April. I read five books total, bringing my total up to 11. I have 41 books left to read. Eek! In March, I read: Jesus for President: Politics for Ordinary Radicals was interesting. It was a quick read. I think the authors (or maybe it’s the editor or publisher?) spent a little too much time on the layout/design of this book. It’s really cool looking… but sometimes that’s distracting from the actual text. I took this book with a grain of salt. The authors would have you be a complete and total pacifist. I don’t think that that is wrong or a bad way to be, but I do think