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Tuesday, my mom and I headed over to a local yarn shop, Knitwits, for a knitting lesson. The knitting lesson was for me, my mom accompanied me for moral support. She's been knitting for awhile and, for Christmas, she signed me up for something Knitwits offers called Knitwits University (click Tell Me More for a pdf with more information about KU). But

Tonight I finally finished one of my longest ongoing DIY projects. My longest project I can't, unfortunately, take a picture of because I don't actually have it anymore. It was a Cinderella crosstitch project begun in 1998 for my then 7 year old sister. I only just finished it last month. I gave it to her for her 20th birthday. HAH! But I digress. So this project I finished tonight is not something I came up with on my own; it's something I found over a year ago at Design Sponge in their DIY archives - a toilet paper roll wall art tutorial. At that time, we had just moved into our house and we were planning