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Reading - Not much. Mostly things about finance, selling and buying homes and budgeting. But I'm a nerd so I get excited to read about those things. I do have a few books waiting to be read but my hands are so occupied with knitting lately that I find it almost impossible to turn pages :) Knitting - Soakers galore! I've worked with a mom co-op a couple times and am currently fulfilling my second order with them - 43 soakers! My largest order to date. In fact, that's what I was working on in the picture above. It will be an extra large soaker, in Boy Blue Heather (Valley Yarns) trimmed with Blue Hawaii (Cascade

I learned how to knit in February of this year. I have mentioned it before. I visited my local yarn shop with my mom and signed up for their "University" program - a special program where you take classes to earn credit toward products at the shop - and then took my first class, Learning How to Knit. I knit a pouch out of worsted weight Lamb's Pride wool, in the colorway of cranberry swirl. I used size 10 wooden straight needles, that were the same color as my yarn. These details didn't matter to me at the time. Yarn was yarn, needles were needles. I remember being so nervous. I didn't understand most of the terms. I