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I've never seen so many tulips in my life than the number of tulips that are at the Cincinnati Zoo right now. There are probably thousands. And the colors are so vibrant! Just look at them, in the photo. Yesterday, my mom, Ezra and I visited the zoo. I didn't know the tulips were blooming, so that was a nice surprise. Ezra was more interested in the tigers at the Cat Canyon than checking out blooming flowers, but it didn't stop me from snapping a picture on our way by. Tulips have nothing to do with links, though. They have everything to do with spring and being both strong and fragile at once. You might think I'm going

*crickets chirping* Yeah, it's been quiet around here. Ever lost your mojo? I feel like that happens to me on a bi-monthly basis, haha. Definitely not the first time I've felt this way, and it certainly won't be the last. You know that great feeling you have after you've successfully completed a project, or cleared out a bunch of clutter from your basement that was just overflowing with junk? I'm trying to get to that place. I've been clearing out life clutter, though. And that is, admittedly, a heck of a lot more difficult to clear out than furniture and boxes of junk. But today is the first day of Spring and it's Wednesday which means it's the day

Another week has come and gone and it's Wednesday again. Today, Ezra is not with my mom. Instead, he's with his mom, aka me - am I being confusing enough for you?? - and we're keeping it on the DL today. We've got a playdate this afternoon with some twinsies and their mama + a few other mamas and their kiddos (all of whom we have not officially met yet

I don't think the format of Sunday Evening Snippets is working for me because, honestly, I'd rather be relaxing on the couch in the evening than writing out a blog post. So, welcome to Mid-Week Links :) So far, this week has been pretty low-key which is never a bad thing. Monday I brought Ezra to my mom's so she could watch him for a little bit and I could get some hat knitting done. I'm on a tight deadline to get a few more hats finished and mailed before February 1st. I'm thanking my lucky stars that napping and sleeping has really evened out for Ezra and we seem to be past the worst of

I'm getting back into Sunday Evening Snippets - January is always a fresh start, right? So now's a good a time as any. This past week was pretty up and down. I mentioned in my update on a typical day with a 9 month old just how crazy it's been around here. Ezra's ear infection seems pretty much cleared up now, though, and I think the antibiotics cleared up his eye as well. But I don't want to dwell on the hard parts. We also had some fun things happen - Ezra is squatting and then standing up from a squatting position so that's a huge milestone. I think his most favorite thing right now is