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I'm catching up on August Blog Challenge entries, so excuse this post dump! _______________________________________________________  And I hope I got that song stuck in your head after reading the title to this entry! Day five for the August Blog Challenge is to share a photo of something or someone that made my day special. Ezra always makes my day special, but there are two other little beings that make my day special too. My cat, Caspian, is easily the funniest cat I have ever met. He is totally bizarre in the best possible way. He always gives me a look that simply says "WTH." He is hysterical. My little pom, Aslan, is easily the sweetest dog I have ever met. He

In my last Project: Food Budget post, I mentioned something about a little addiction to coffeehouses that I have. So when I saw the prompt for today's January Photo a Day Challenge was for a guilty pleasure I, of course, immediately thought of coffeehouses. They are definitely my guilty pleasure, especially now that I'm attempting to impose a budget on myself for them. But, in order to complete today's challenge

Every night, before going to sleep, our tiny Pomeranian (Aslan) builds a pillow fort. He starts out like this, cuddling the pillows or just wedged between them: Then he eventually gets restless just wedged in there, and decides to dig like crazy until he can toss a pillow in the air and have it land on top of his head

Last night, Alex and I noticed that our cat, Caspian, was squinty in his right eye. He usually gets a case of kitty allergies as the seasons change. We've had a lot of rain around here and my allergies have been acting up, so I can't imagine how my poor little cat is feeling. Today we took him to the vet to get some medicine for his eyes