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I learned how to knit in February of this year. I have mentioned it before. I visited my local yarn shop with my mom and signed up for their "University" program - a special program where you take classes to earn credit toward products at the shop - and then took my first class, Learning How to Knit. I knit a pouch out of worsted weight Lamb's Pride wool, in the colorway of cranberry swirl. I used size 10 wooden straight needles, that were the same color as my yarn. These details didn't matter to me at the time. Yarn was yarn, needles were needles. I remember being so nervous. I didn't understand most of the terms. I

Tuesday, my mom and I headed over to a local yarn shop, Knitwits, for a knitting lesson. The knitting lesson was for me, my mom accompanied me for moral support. She's been knitting for awhile and, for Christmas, she signed me up for something Knitwits offers called Knitwits University (click Tell Me More for a pdf with more information about KU). But