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The four main types of cloth diapers (video)

OMG can it be? Part 3 of my series on cloth diapers is here!

I thought it would be fun to switch it up from my typical wall of text and do a video. Now you can see me in all my awkward glory + the major bonus of watching my pets in the background (spoiler alert – there is a brief view of a cat tormenting a dog).

A few notes, now that you’ve watched the video:

  • The material that I couldn’t figure out that was on the underside of the Simplex OS flap is indeed microfiber.
  • I neglected to mention that in some shell + insert systems – like the ones I mentioned (Best Bottom and Grovia), the inserts will snap into the cover to keep them in place. In other systems, like the BumGenius Flip, the insert lays in the shell (the ends are usually tucked under a flap on the inside of the cover).
  • You should expect to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $20-25/diaper for pockets, AIOs and shells + inserts. There are economical brands out there, though, that price their diapers at much less.
  • There is no wrong choice here. Try a few brands out and see what you like. If it turns out you hate what you’ve tried, hop onto that brand’s buy/sell/trade group on Facebook and unload those suckers.

Here are the brands I mentioned in the video –

Pockets (I didn’t mention any brands specifically, but these are links to brands I used to use):
Lotus Bumz Pocket Diapers
bumGenius 4.0

Swaddlebees Simplex OS (one-size)
Tots Bots Easy-Fit
bumGenius Freetime (no longer own any of these, but they are easy to use AIOs)
bumGenius Elemental (I briefly had a couple of these. They are nice because the interior fabric is organic cotton)

Hybrids aka Shell + Insert
Best Bottom
Grovia Hybrid

Twinkie Tush OS

Thanks for watching!

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