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Weekend Wrap Up 4/12-4/14

Ezra at the park

This was a busy weekend!

Friday was as slow as this year’s tax return deposits. So slow, I can’t even remember what we did. And since I took no pictures on Friday, I have no record of what really happened. So I’ll make something up. Friday, we slept in and ate ice cream for every meal. Ezra ran a marathon and I greeted him at the finish line with his favorite stuffie – a hedgepig (aka, hedgehog) named Gilbert. Then we went to the park and swung (swang? swinged?) for 5 hours at which point we were tired so we went home and hung out in our jammies until Alex came home. It was pizza for dinner.

Oh, actually it really was pizza for dinner. And just like that I remember what really happened on Friday. Ezra had a little buddy over for a play date and the two of them played for a bit then it was bath time, and then bed time.

Yesterday, I do remember what happened. It was quite the busy day! We had a birthday party to go to for Ezra’s best buddies who turned one. These little twins were born one day before Ezra and they are so adorable. I love watching the three of them play together.

The party was a ton of fun for Mr. Ezra. He had all the fruit he could eat, a little bit of birthday cake, a croissant (which was a huge hit with him… my child is part French, I guess) and tons of laughing at the twins’ dogs. Not to mention hanging with his friends. Oh and eating all of their fruit.
But I said that already.

Seriously, though, this child’s cellular tissue is probably made of strawberries and pineapple.

Today, we took it easy after all of the excitement of yesterday and hung around at home. In the afternoon, Ezra’s grandma came for a visit and the four of us headed to the park to snap some pictures to commemorate Ezra’s first year. I took 217 photos so I admit I have a problem with click click clicking the shutter. At one point, Alex took over snapping and when I look at the number of photos I took (217) versus the number of photos he took (25), my problem is all the more clear. And did I mention we were there taking pictures for only an hour?

But can you blame me? Look at this face:

Ezra at the park

You can see that Gilbert – the hedgepig I mentioned earlier – is present in both pictures. I think we can safely say Ezra has a “lovey.” So I’ll tell you Gilbert’s origin story:

In the mail I received a card from Anthropologie, giving me a discount in the month of March in honor of me aging another year. This is the only birthday month discount I ever really look forward to. So, one Sunday, the three of us headed up to the mall so I could spend some birthday money and this card from Anthro. I don’t know why, but our Anthropologie seriously downgraded their kids section. It went from about the size of a kitchen island to about the size of a kitchen drawer. And in that drawer was a small basket of stuffed animals. Ezra got sight of this little guy and he had to have him. And they have been inseparable since.

And that’s the story of how I spent my 15% off Anthropologie discount card on a stuffed animal for my son (and also on an $88 sweater that I still haven’t worn and will likely return because on second thought it isn’t that flattering after all), aka Gilbert’s Origin Story.

As for how he got the name ‘Gilbert,’ I don’t know. It just happened.

As for why we call a hedgehog a hedgepig, I also don’t know. But why not?

So that was our weekend. This week, every daily column in my planner has a whole lot of nothing scribbled inside it. Not sure how I managed to plan nothing for the entire week, but that only means we’re open for adventure and spontaneity. Or grocery shopping. Whichever comes first.


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