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It's one of those things you never hear about when you're gearing up to have your baby - a sleep regression. No one talks about it, because how would that conversation go? "Oh, around 4 months of age your baby will inexplicably stop sleeping at night and maybe even during the day, too. Your bump is adorable! Have a name yet?!" Really, though, around 4 months of age your baby will inexplicably stop sleeping at night, and maybe even during the day, too. Oh, they'll also do it again at 6 months, and 9 months, and possibly 12 months if you're really lucky. Or they may not do it at all. Or it may hit at a

Toddlers are easily bored. If you have one living in your home, you know that fact as deeply as you know your need for coffee as soon as you wake up. You can hear their tiny voices - "I'm bored! Let's go empty out the pantry!" or "Look at the portrait of myself that I drew on the wall with your lip stuff, mom!" It's a slippery slope from boredom to mischief. I have a toddler of my own (though he will be four soon. When do they stop being toddlers and start being just a kid? I can't even imagine it! I'm just going to keep living in denial that every year he gets a little bigger

I first wrote this post when our firstborn was six weeks old, and then I updated it every once in awhile to say how those must-have items stood the test of time. Now that we are parents of two, I've revisited this list a few times and it's funny how back then, some of the things I originally had on my list seemed so necessary but now? Not so much. So, I've revamped this post - as of February 2016 - from the perspective of both a first-time mom, and a mom of more than one. Fair warning, this post is wordy, but I think I can pretty confidently say these are 10 items that will make

I don't think it's a secret, among those who know me, that I love a clean house. And by "love," what I mean is not only do I like seeing my house all tidied up and clean, but I really enjoy cleaning in general. Even as a child, I loved Saturday morning chores done with my mom. I realize I'm probably in the minority of people who actually enjoy cleaning, and I'm cool with that. What may not be known, though, is my even greater love for a well lived in home. A well loved home. As much as I enjoy the wiping down, the picking up, the putting away