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December 5th - December 11th So, "they" say that with baby 2, you do things less. Less documentation because you don't have time, less new stuff because you've already got the basics, less reading up on pregnancy because you already know, less less less. The only thing that less so far is bump pics that aren't that great. Like the one above, taken with my iPhone. I had Alex take my bump pics with Ezra, and I need to do that again because I don't want the next 23 weeks to be all selfie bump pics in my bedroom mirror! I had mentioned in my last update that I would start bump updates at 14 weeks but when I looked

I can finally announce it - it's a second pregnancy for the Rosens! I know I go through periods where this blog is kind of quiet, and the most recent period of quiet was due to me being in the middle of my first trimester and trying to stay healthy while caring for a toddler. Harder than I thought it would be, that's for sure. But now I'm 13 weeks (well, I will be on Friday actually) and am feeling better overall, though still sick at night. Around 14 weeks was when things let up with Ezra so I'm looking forward to getting to that point, and just to the second trimester in general. We had the lovely

“Why did you have a child?” she asked me (with a look of genuine curiosity). We were talking about kids - the topic of Alex and I having more kids, actually - so it wasn’t a question that was out of the blue. But, still, it took me by surprise. I had never really thought about it before. It's a legitimate question, though. I’m sure I said something about a void, and joy, and age, and family. I can’t recall my exact words. And, sure, those are all a part of it. I just can’t help but think about it, even now, a week later since she asked me. Why did I want a child? Oranges have nothing to do

(Disclaimer: This might be a little TMI for some people. So read at your own peril!) When you become pregnant, there are several pieces of advice you're going to hear over and over. These include: Say goodbye to sleep! You'll never sleep again! Your clothes are going to be covered in baby goo for the next 100 years of your life You'll never have time for yourself again These things are true to a certain extent (though they are greatly exaggerated

It's been almost a month since having given birth to Ezra and I thought I'd do an update about my post-baby body. Weight Loss - Throughout my pregnancy, I gained a total of 27 pounds. One week after giving birth, I'd lost 21 pounds. Since I'm breastfeeding, I don't expect the remaining six pounds to come off any time soon. Typically, when breastfeeding, you hang on to 5-10 pounds of your pregnancy weight because your body needs the fat around. It was pretty crazy seeing the scale go down so quickly. I lost 10 pounds, literally, over night. The thing is, with pregnancy, most of the weight gain is fluid, blood volume and actual baby. So it isn't