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Mid-week Links #3


Another week has come and gone and it’s Wednesday again. Today, Ezra is not with my mom. Instead, he’s with his mom, aka me – am I being confusing enough for you?? – and we’re keeping it on the DL today. We’ve got a playdate this afternoon with some twinsies and their mama + a few other mamas and their kiddos (all of whom we have not officially met yet…). I found a new meetup group on that seemed right up our alley and this afternoon is their “meet & greet” event. Hopefully we fit right in!

In the meantime, Ezra is napping and I actually need to go wake him up so we can hit the road and grab lunch before playtime. I know, I know… one of the cardinal rules of mommyhood is never wake a sleeping baby. But sometimes even the best of rules must be broken!

Here’s some links for your Wednesday –

These hands, holding on to my face for dear life, drawing me near. Will they slide a shining ring upon another’s finger?” I constantly think about this with my own son

Some great things to consider when going full-time freelance

The inside of a corporate twitter account (very interesting! Via Nubby Twiglet)

I read this post about stopping using a microwave and I realized… we don’t really use our microwave much either. We could probably stop using it altogether if we needed to.

This yarn bowl would make the perfect gift for a knitter or crocheter

What lens should I choose for my DSLR camera? Very informative

I hate to say this.. because normally I keep away from these types of movies.. but I actually kind of want to see this.

I’ve been pining after these porcelain hanging containers for over a year. They’d be perfect for the 3 empty hooks I’ve got in my kitchen.

Happy Wednesday! 🙂