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In my last Project: Food Budget post, I mentioned something about a little addiction to coffeehouses that I have. So when I saw the prompt for today's January Photo a Day Challenge was for a guilty pleasure I, of course, immediately thought of coffeehouses. They are definitely my guilty pleasure, especially now that I'm attempting to impose a budget on myself for them. But, in order to complete today's challenge

The prompt for yesterday's photo a day challenge was "happiness." I had a terrible time thinking of anything to take a picture of. There are a lot of things that make me happy, but I wasn't sure how to get it all in one picture. So I didn't take a picture of anything. Instead, I'll show you a picture that was taken on the 14th (with my iPhone, so sorry about the quality). Yes, that is Tim Gunn. And yes, that is me on the far right, my sister beside me and my mom on the other side of Tim Gunn. Tim Gunn was in Cincinnati Saturday night to kick off the Smart Talk series for 2012. He is just