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Second baby bump progress – 29 Weeks

In case you missed the update about this pregnancy being considered high risk, you can read it here – What I haven’t said about my pregnancy. I’m going back to where I left off and doing bump progress shots, with more information about what we’ve learned along the way about our baby girl and her medical issue. All of these leading up to 33 weeks are written in past tense, just from what I remember was going on. I want a record for myself, for my little girl and to help anyone else who may find themselves in a similar situation.

second pregnancy 29 weeks

February 27th – March 5th

How big is baby? Baby is the size of an acorn squash and is approximately 15.2-16.7″ tall and 2.5-3.8 pounds. She’s bumped up a little! And we’re moving into the family of squashes, apparently, with this new designation.

How I’m feeling? I have to be honest and say these maternity pictures were something I didn’t want to do, when it came down to it. And for no real reason other than I felt like a whale and didn’t see how I would possibly photograph well.

I chose Rhonda Meador to do these because of her style. I’d been following her on Facebook for awhile and was always struck at the intensity of her photos – the moody colors, sometimes the seriousness of the subject’s face. It seemed like the right kind of vibe for what I wanted. I love my first set of maternity photos with Ezra (done by aliciahasekoester photography) – but that pregnancy was so different, and that set reflects that. The tone is really fun, lighthearted.

But this time? I wanted thoughtfulness. Dark colors. I wanted intensity. I wanted it to be a session of just me with my girl, to capture the time when she was safe in my belly. A time when we weren’t talking about doctors, appointments, worrying about the future.

I think I got that with these photos. Honestly, I don’t even recognize myself in them. Rhonda made me feel something that I hadn’t felt for most of the pregnancy – she made me feel beautiful, and she made the experience special. When this little girl is older and sees these photos, I can’t wait to tell her the story about how wonderful this session was.

Any cravings or weird dreams? No weird dreams, but sleeping started getting a little difficult at this point. I think I was waking after five or six hours, but I could easily at least get back to sleep. As for cravings, none that I remember.

Any other details? My mom and aunt had mentioned wanting to throw a sprinkle for the baby, and it was around this time they started planning and I had to get a list together for invitations. I wanted to keep it small, so we stuck with family and a few friends. It really got me thinking how my life has changed even in the last year, and how lucky we are to live in this neighborhood with such amazing people. We’ve been here almost a year, and I can say that the friends we’ve made here are so special to us. Thinking about the shower was something really positive to focus on for me, plus it was great incentive to finish up a few other house projects – like the playroom, which I need to write a post about still!