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Video Review: Erin Condren Planner


It’s my first video blog! I know, I know… you’re thrilled beyond belief. I’m reviewing my Erin Condren Life Plannerwhich is in the Peacock theme.

Three notes:

  • I am rambly
  • I shot this with my iPhone because the audio & video was SO out of sync on Photobooth. It was ridiculous. So sorry it is vertically cropped like that. And because it’s on my iPhone, that is why the lighting changes so much when I’m holding stuff up in front of the camera. Sorry about that.
  • I forgot to show you the extra goodies Erin Condren included with the planner!! There were some customized labels matching my theme, plus a few extra gift labels and some blank cards you can fill out with your personal info (like a calling card type deal). Very fun!
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