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It is no secret that I love planning, planners, paper - the whole deal. I'm always trying out new planners, scoping Etsy for stickers and washi, keeping my eyes out for fun stuff and things I'd like to try. Several months ago, I stumbled into this whole subculture of planning called "decorative planning" and I finally felt like I found the perfect mixture for me - a way to combine creative memory-keeping (or journaling) with a planner? Sign me up. Back in high school, I carried a personal size Franklin Covey planner. It had been years since I had used a binder. I wasn't really finding "planner peace," as they say, with the spiral-bound systems I had

I've been chasing mornings for years. I can't ever seem to catch them, though. I always say that I am a morning person trapped inside a night person's body. I just love the idea of a quiet morning, where you collect yourself and prepare for the day. Two years ago, I really started trying to wake earlier. It seemed, though, the harder I tried, the later I ended up staying up at night, so the more difficult it became to wake up before my kids. Most nights, I don't fall asleep before 1am, which means any hope of waking earlier than 7:30 is a pipe dream. This year, though? This year will be different. If you read my

  Many times in my life, I feel as though I've been on the edge of something great but have never quite been able to grasp it. But I'm a weird combination of someone who is a planner, but who is also easily paralyzed by fear. Whether it's fear of failure, the unknown - it doesn't matter, it all results in the same inability to create action. 2014 was different, though. I walked into 2014 having completed these worksheets called Powersheets. That year, I was full of hope and I was certain things would be different. Looking back at my goals for that year, I didn't even accomplish half but what I did accomplish was some major internal

January always gives me hope. It's full of fresh starts, blank slates, open spaces. It's a welcome change of pace after the busyness of the holidays. I love January. And every year, I walk in to January with the same intentions: make lists upon lists of things I want to do, think about the past year and what I want to take with me into the new one and what I want to toss aside, and all of the projects I want to tackle over the next twelve months. And every year, as January comes to a close, I feel those little tinges of disappointment, and I start to listen to those whispering voices that say, "why