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Money Monday: We eat out way too much

It’s true, we seriously do.

I could say, in our defense, that we have a newborn and all that but really, like I mentioned a few days ago, I just plain don’t feel like cooking! But now that I’ve looked at the cold, hard facts I’m feeling new motivation.

This is seriously embarrassing to admit exactly how much we have spent so far this month on eating out – and this month isn’t even over yet.

Here is what we’ve spent since January 1st on groceries, eating out and coffee:

Groceries – $77.32
Coffee Shops – $53.01
Dining Out – $458.48

It’s horrifying!! I am seriously embarrassed by that last number. And by how small the first number is – obviously we’re getting most of our meals at restaurants and snacks are coming from the store. That’s kind of backwards! It’s a real eye opener.

So, in light of these numbers and given the fact that there are 10 days remaining in this month, I’m not going to go too crazy with making a budget. In fact, I’m not going to make a budget at all for the rest of January.

I know, call me crazy… but change doesn’t happen over night. Instead, I’m going to focus on meal planning for these next two weeks and try to be realistic about what I can accomplish in terms of cooking and go from there.

BUT that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about February 😀

So, for February here’s our budget –

Groceries – $320.00Coffee – $50.00
Dining Out – $250.00

I’m assuming we’ll finish out January blowing $500 on restaurants, but maybe not. Either way, it might be unrealistic to cut that spending in half but… it’s certainly worth a shot. That is most definitely the category we have to get under control, especially if we’re hoping to move soon. Moving doesn’t just mean costs associated with packing up your things – there are a few things we need to spruce up around the house before we can even list it so we have to figure that in too.

Since I’m focusing on meal planning these next two weeks, here is what I’m planning on making this week.

Monday, 1/21  – Sandwiches. I know, so exciting. But, we had a super late lunch (at a restaurant.. SHHHH) so we just weren’t very hungry.
Tuesday, 1/22 – Linguine with Bread Crumbs
Wednesday, 1/23 – Easy Crock pot Chicken with tortillas
Thursday, 1/24 – Chicken and broccoli noodle casserole
Friday, 1/25 – Ground turkey with potatoes and spring peas
Saturday, 1/26 – Homemade pizza
Sunday, 1/27 – Lightened up creme brulee french toast with breakfast potatoes

Well I’m looking forward to these recipes. I will definitely have to get back to posting reviews, too, so be looking for that. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been super embarrassed to find out just how much you were spending on something.